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Buying Back Your Life

2007-05-10 09:43:00

Buying Back Your Life
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have three friend who are now searching for jobs.

One needs the money.
One doe not need the money.
One lies and says he does not need, but he needs it.

I continue to bargain with my life, the stake are high, if I lose I continue to live and life goes one.

I live on a residual income receive from Advertisements on my internet pages. This has been the same level for two years, does not make me feel good, I want it to grow, not recede, but progress.

I bargain with life, I will continue to be lazy, sit in countries full of exotic this and that and play at work and hope I survive, and if my income ends, then I need to get a job. I calculate how much money, how much do I need to retire, and think of a number, when I have that number I then can stop worrying, however I will continue to play at work, because I am not working, I am playing.

I do not want my face to be famous, or I would put photos on the page of the big I, me.

I just want to sit and think, dwell on my navel, and contemplate the stars, and think about fun projects like Solar Energy, Hydro and why people get so fat. What do people think about in factories and should a person urinate in the shower.

I do wonder too much what people do who go into the bush to do the number two and I know they have no toilet paper. I do think India people lie about the washing of their hands, I cannot find the soap.

Is God playing tricks, and is Religion the reason for all war, should some people die, it this normal for evolution of man.

I need time to think, I need the peace of mind to relax long enough to listen to person tell me about who they are, I am in negotiations to have guarantee I have extra time, a surplus of time. I am jealous of the African and underdeveloped people, they do not feel guilty doing nothing, I do.

Maybe I am supposed to do something with my life.

I think this is the question, are you supposed to do something with your life, and when I die, will I think, that was cool, but sort of a waste of my life.

The existential desire to make or define a life as having value, a life less normal, this is what I hold onto in the dark, I am sometimes weak and think, there is something wrong.

I am trying to convince a few of my friends to buy a moment from their jailors call the culture, tradition and society and have an introspective epiphany, get out of the box, stop thinking out of the box, and get out, hell break the box.

Some of you do not have to work, if you just stopped. To get a job and pay a person to be your boss with the sweat of your brow, I know some of my friends, they would be happy working at nothing all day.

I want a person to live the way they wish, however, I am positive some of my friend never needs to report to work again, they have won, the battle has been fought, and they can retire. There is no rule you have to wait until you are 65 to retire, 30 sounds good to me, any age is good when the battle is won.

I try to think of a wise word to tell a few friends, come out and play, you have won, count your chips, pile up the money, buy your freedom, you can pay to be let lose, you have your get out of jail Free card. (Game of Monopoly.)

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Buying Back Your Life

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