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Africa Saying No For 3 Days

2007-05-03 13:11:00

Africa Saying No For 3 Days
Badou, Togo West Africa
Thursday, May 3, 2007

I am on day one, two more days and the village of Badou may stop asking me for address, to sit, for talking or to take me to the waterfalls. I will go out of trend and they will just say, oh yea, the white man. Togo people do not sit around trying to get me to buy objects like say in India or other places, they more or less just try to get free money, I would not call it begging, more or give me a cadeau, I want to get over on you.

A village or city anywhere needs about 3 days before they accept you, and grow accustom to my presences.

No, Non, Pas

Fun to say no in a direct manner, I know the benefits, the whole village will soon decide I am cheap and will not give to them, then I am the same as them, they do not give either, then I can talk with the nice people who do not want something.

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Africa Saying No For 3 Days