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Tsevie Togo

2007-04-20 06:47:00

Tsevie Togo
Tsevie Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 19, 2007

If you have AC, you also need a fan, because when on generator power, the electricity does not run the AC.

I am Tsevie. Togo about 35 Kilometers north of Lome, there are many Auberge’s or Hotel and all so far all are over priced. I found one finally for 5 Mille or 5000 CFA about 10 US dollars, that is ok, but I will leave, tomorrow. This is more or less a city on a highway or at a junction of two highways, nothing of interest so far.

I am in a flat area of Togo, and the climate is dryer than in Kpalime, I am not sure what to do, these small towns are either a joy or you wish to keep on moving. My Moto driver coming here from Lome was great for 1000 CFA he brought me from Lome to Tsevie city, then drove around trying to find a good hotel

He took me to his normal hotel and they wanted 8000, he was sort of put off, and he says he pays 1000 for short time use, and thought the hotel for the night would be about 4000. There was a Hotel full of ONG-NGO people, which wanted 10,000 per night.

I will leave for somewhere tomorrow morning, it is hot, the electricity if off here also. I had electricity last night, but the Air Conditioning did not work, there was no fan, so about as good as this room with no electricity. I am paying closer attention to rooms; they are ovens you pay to sleep inside.

Tsevie Togo

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