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Tsevie to Keve Togo

2007-04-20 09:40:00

Tsevie to Keve Togo
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 20, 2007

I walked out of the Hotel Grand of Tsevie, my 5000 CFA half the night electric room and went to the junction in front of the Shell Station. I was laughing, about 10:00 pm, and I am sleeping in the heat, they come and try to get me to move to room, with no shower and toilet, yet is on the generator used for the very large bar area. I was asking before if there were rooms there, and I think I could have got a room, without shower for 3000, I gave up too quick, and it would have had a fan all night, there is no justice, 3000-4000 and a fan because it has a generator, pay 5000 and have no electricity.

I need to continue to learn French.
Chambre sans douche? = A room without a shower or toilet?

Room connected to the electric generator.
Chambre être lié à générateur de electrique.

Oh well, trials and tribulations, and some problems for me to solve, something do to do.

I went to the Shell station in Tsevie, sort of thought, I will flag a moto that has enough petrol to go to Tabligbo closer to the Benin, Border. Then a group came around me and the price became increasingly difficult to negotiate. There is a problem when many Togo Motos are in one location, they all want to save face, and see who can get the White Man to pay the most. I have discovered, I need to get moving Motos and one at a time to get the best price, it would seem they would compete, but the opposite happens, they compete to see who can say the most, and they support each other in high prices.

The prices went from about 2000 mille, and then adjusted to 3.500 after listing to the other boys to a high of 6000 to go to Tabligo. I left many frustrated and hollering moto taxis and kept walking. Met another one, and asked the prices for both places, he said 3500 for Tabligo and 1500 for Keve. I made a call audible at the line of scrimmage and decide to go to Keve to the West.

The ride to Keve was nice, a small dirt road and some small villages along the way, as we was leaving the city of Tsevie, I saw many women with clay pots on their heads. There may be a Friday market, and they had many varieties and somewhere they must be making clay pots in the area.

These pots were being carried towards the city of Tsevie, Togo. I believe this large one would sit outside a door to a home. The women would go to the well or a collection point and return to fill it with drinking water.

I am now in Kpalime; I will post to my blog, clean up the house and try to buy a small fan I can carry in my bag. I think I am going to look for motorcycle batteries also and a charger, it is possible I find a 12 volt speaker fan and this would work well. I am not sure if I can tap the 6 or 12-volt motorcycle battery for juice for the computer or not. Need to do some research.

This is a typical view of Togo, the big tree is not so normal, the land looks like this, and the color of the dirt is normally red. It is hard to see a good area of land farmed.

Tsevie to Keve Togo

I go north towards Adeta, Togo tomorrow morning.

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