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Togo Playing in Rain

2007-04-27 09:47:00

Togo Playing in Rain
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 27, 2007

For three day straight days, at about 2-3 in the afternoon, we have received a country cooling rain here in Togo. Contrary to any mythical movie type thoughts, it normally rains only about one hour in the afternoon, then it will start about 8-9 at night and rain all night in the so-called Monsoon areas. If you are in a real Rain Forest, like in Coca Ecuador, up on the mountain there, it will almost always be raining, or you are living inside a cloud.

These children from down below the hotel immediately came up after the storm stopped and played under the spouts coming from the roof of my Hotel.

This boy decided to wash his shirt, I am not sure why, I think he want an excess amount of water to rinse his clothes. I am positive he access to water, he is alive.

This is a photo from a big storm in the Danyi Apeyeme village on the Danyi Plateau.

I finally realized, fresh drinking water is always available any place on the planet it rains. The problem is to collect and store the water.

This is rain drained off a rusty roof into a large 55-Gallon Barrel. I thought maybe it was bad to drink yet this website sort of says, no problem.

I am in a Rain area of West Africa, there is more rain in this belt than most parts of the planet.

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Togo Playing in Rain

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