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Togo Peanuts

2007-04-08 11:39:00

Togo Peanuts
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cooking peanuts or dry cooking the peanuts over a fire with some sand or soil intermixed with the peanuts.

This is
- Arrishide -
Peanuts in some language, does not seem to be French, but then again, I do not trust dictionaries. The word in my French dictionary says the word for peanuts is a Female and Cacahu├Ęte, almost the same as the Mexican word, and I think Argentina, while most or Central and South America say Mani.

Walking along, talking with Michael, and trying to locate the weavers in the city of Kpalime, when he stops to chat up one some girl. I wonder over to check out the peanuts being cooked.

How, I am not sure, they are not fried, this is not baked

They pop popcorn the same way in Nepal, very dry and not the best popcorn, fortunately they use oil here for the popcorn and the taste is better. The peanut come out good, and cooked ones are better than the boiled or raw.

The girls is wearing this very wear around the house, typical wrap around dress. The actually will wear it anywhere, but they tend to be closer to home. It is held up the same way, you would overlap a towel as you get leave the shower.

This tends to make them need to balloon it out and readjust, not the type of clothing that allows for rapid movement. Not a big worry about getting in a hurry or straining yourself here in West Africa.

There is often the Midwest shyness thing, and I often feel like I am walking in as a girl is just coming out of the shower. They do not mind, so I my best.

I took a few photos and the girl pretends to ignore me.

Togo Peanuts