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Togo India Air Courier Needed

2007-04-29 04:19:00

Togo India Air Courier Needed
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am up to my ears in shipping cost, amazing how much it cost to ship something to Togo or India or anywhere outside the USA.

I worked a long time on an Air Couriers Site and did way too much research on the issue before I finally realized, this is NOT for the average person, they just do not get it, and I am not going to sit around trying to explain.

However, I do understand why or feel I understand why a person is needed to be a courier. Because, I now need two maybe, and NOW or within the next two or three weeks.

I think I need an Air Courier that can leave from say:

MAY 10 to MAY 20 - 2007
Leave from USA and go to:
Lome, Togo and Goa, India

Carry a 20 Kilo - or about 40 Pounds bag full of electronic gadgets. We can meet the person at the Airport and make life easier.

Chris is helping me to put together a big care package, full of all sorts of toys that would allow me to live in the jungle with no electricity and use my computer from Solar, Batteries, 12 Volt this and that.

Now, Boy Genius of India has burned up what he calls a brick in his HP laptop because of a power surge in India.

I think India is way beyond my level of tolerance level of electricity problems. I would go solar and say good-bye to the India electric companies. I think the only way for him to run his computers is to have a big bank of car batteries and a solar power source.

I sort of want a 12 Volt Hydroelectric supply also… hehehe

To send a package to either Goa, India or Lome, Togo I think I can give a person 250 USA Dollars to apply towards a plane ticket, if the person is already on the way, then they would save 250 US Dollars.

I am not joking, the cost to send a package to Togo or India fast is expensive, and then the more important problem is to get it INTO the country. This is the function of a courier, to get the package into the country as personal baggage.

There is a secondary goal here, I want to learn, can I pay 300 US Dollars and buy the equipment to be self sustainable with electricity, and have a fan and lights, and power my computer. Plus be travel light enough to carry in my backpack, some big goals. A Hobo goal, live cheap, and reasonable.

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Togo India Air Courier Needed