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Togo How Hot is it

2007-04-21 00:22:00

Togo How Hot is it
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, April 21, 2007

I wish I could just look up at a clock on a bank, read the digital reading on the clock and also learn the temperature.

I have had two people now from the USA want to know what the temperature here is in Togo.

It is 33 degrees centigrade at 5:34 am in the morning here in the Auberge Mandela in Kpalime, Togo.

The Tropical Cultures of the Planet do not care how hot it is, alternatively, they do not care either about the time.

If they cared they would have clocks and thermometers on the walls, to me the proof is in the pudding, people do what they care about. A person that is on time cares about being on time.

I guess in the same logic, if I cared, I would talk about the actual temperature or the maybe if it were easier to know. I have this little compass - temperature gauge thing I purchase in Nepal, it reads in Centigrade and not Fahrenheit.

91.40 Fahrenheit is the temperature in my room, however,
- I really do not care. -
Plus made in China, sold in Nepal, would you trust it?

What I care about is how comfortable I am, this is not as simple as saying the temperature is this. I am very comfortable right now, the fan is blowing on me, the night air has a cooler feeling, the morning is dawning, in fact I am little too cold.

Humidity is more of a problem, but NOT HERE, I am often overwhelmed with heat when I return to the humid spring air of Indiana, and it is maybe called sweltering. This type of humid overbearing heat is difficult to find here, however I am sure if I went into the marsh jungles, I could find a type of inescapable sweaty heat. Most people generally avoid this type of heat as best I can observe.

In the shade, with temperatures at 105 and in a dry climate, it is more or less comfortable providing you are not using insulation. This means, you have less clothes on and you allow the skin to sweat, if I wear cloths, then I become hotter. Strangely, after about 110, if I wear clothes, it keep the cool in the body, and keep me from cooking, I am not clear on why, but when it gets up past 40 centigrade or about
104 Fahrenheit it is maybe better for me to have on clothes in the sun to stay cool. There is some mechanics here to learn, and for sure, the Turegs of Mali and Niger do not care, they will wrap their heads when I could guarantee they stink from sweat.

When it get hot enough, the perspiration as I can observe evaporates faster, when below say 80, then the clothes become wet, so I shed my clothes, but above 105 maybe I would put on clothes or use an umbrella.

The Turegs and Arabic and the other cultures with the turban thing, or head scarves tend to retain the fashions even when it is not wise, or practical, fashions are the signs of culture.

I do not see everyone using their heads when it comes to culture and fashions or for sure, the American and Europe business people would have thrown the tie out a long time ago. I never wore a tie when in the USA to do business, when I was young I did, then decided this suit idea defeated the idea of making money. If I was to make a lot of money, then it was to be able to dress the way I desired, this was to be the benefit of working hard, not to dress the whole day in uncomfortable clothing.

I will never forget the day, Jim the building commissioner talked or advice me outside the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were just leaving the meeting of the Industrial Realtors groups of Fort Wayne, a group of about 10 people that conspire by inference to control land cost, I called it the Cannibals meeting as they would eat each other if they had a chance, for sure they was not working for the good of the community, but I was, so I was learning what they were doing.

Jim says,
- Look how they are dressed; if you want to be successful, you need to dress like them. -

I said,
- Jim, it is 90 degrees, and none of them are my client, they want to destroy me.-

I said,
- I want them to think I am stupid. -

He could not adjust his brain to varying needs or even to negotiate, I went pro and went up to 88 properties sold per year.

There is a need to wear a suit to funeral out of respect and tradition, and I obey cultural mandates when needed.

Staying cool in the Trops or in Indiana is confusing, and in Indiana it take a lot more work because the climate is wet, in the tropics the climates are dryer, even when there is water everywhere.

I do not expect the Turegs to change and say to themselves, it is too hot for this stupid head thing, and I do not expect the USA men with ties, or the girls with high heels to decide, this is silly, because fashion is more important than common sense.

I watch people use their credit cards to travel when every ounce of common sense says this is nuts.

Safety requires a person adapts, and not have fashion or ego, or lack of ego control their actions.

Ok, Mom, I will try to read the temperature and say, but that was a lot of good excuses above, I think, they worked well.

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Togo How Hot is it