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Togo Cacao Agro Tourism

2007-04-07 03:57:00

Togo Cacao Agro Tourism
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, April 7, 2007

Agriculture - Tourism

I am an Agro Tourist, I try and wish, hope, dream of seeing how people grow agricultural produce.

I am also a ethnic group tourist, I like to study or learn about, compare similarity and differences of ethnic groups.

I am not sure how to explain, blog, think, conceptualize on these subjects in a simple way. It almost requires I write a complicate book on the subject to have a beginning, middle and end.

I am going to
- Dollar My Way Through -

This is my term, I stole from a Man in Pie de La Cuesta, Mexico when I asked him how he was able to cross all the borders from Argentina to Mexico with his pet dog.

He said,
- I dollar-ed my way through. -

He pretend to pound dollars down on the sand, reaching in his rear pocket for his wallet, pantomiming pulling out a wallet and pounding the paper money on the table, which at the moment was sand.

This is shown in movies often, a popular way of paying a person off, or giving a bribe. A person shows to another person, a big pile of money, starts pulling money off the top and placing in front of the other person.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, then looks.
- Is that enough? -

The nod, says, No

Slap, slap, the eyes say,
- Take it or leave it. -

The negotiation of putting an overwhelming amount of money on the table to buy a persons cooperation. They say everyone has a price, I would say this is more or less, correct but with some really large conditions on payment.

The payment may include waiting on the other person for days, the payment required large amounts of patience.

Cacao or Cocoa, I wish to see how they grown the plant that is used to make Chocolate.

Eco-tourism is supposed to be a type of tourism, that would give a way for the local people to earn money by tourism as an alternative to destructive ways of ecologically living.

That sentence is why I need to write a book to explain, now to write a book a good book is written by a person that should we hope understand the topic of their book. Well, in the course of writing a book, a good blog post, or writing in my diary, I sometimes start on a topic that has a never ending thread of ideas, questions and topics.

To talk about Agro-tourism or Ethnic Groups tourism or the type of tourism where I reference in a prior post about learning how people make money. Eric recommending call this:
- Livelihood tourism? -
It is somehow, the learning about how a person makes a living tourism.

Eco-tourism was explained by Frommer, the man or editor, something of the Magazine and Books, Guides wrote a comment, something but not exactly.
- A great idea, that has gone astray. -
Maybe it was a noble idea, that has gone astray.

Eco-tourism is 99 percent marketing by con men, and one percent … hehehe - by highly in-effective people, as I blogged about before, and then the summation of these figures is where you can go on eco-tourism tours.

When I drank, I drank Gin and Tonics, heavy on the lime, and light on the tonic. If you understand, in a big glass.

Ok, back to the Chocolate, I could say Cacao, but this is confusing. I want to go see how Chocolate is grown.

I am accepting, when I want to quickly do this Agro-tourism thingy, I need to dollars my way through. I cannot find a tour company yet, they do not seem to know anything about farming, they do know tattoos and dreads, but farming, something the whole planet does, appears to be too complicated.

OK, I have found by accident, I have the opportunity to go and, look I hope at a Chocolate Factory, that is started in a field, north of the city of Kpalime. I will maybe go on Tuesday with the man, and pay whatever his dollar or CFA account requires. Then I will continually focus him on Chocolate… a.k.a. Also Known As - Cacao or Cocao.

I fear he will want me to eat Togo food and talk to his family more, and he can show off the white me, look, I have a friend, and I become the tour for them. Focus, please remember the dollars, focus, stay with the I want to buy you to show me, I am being patient. The pay will includes extreme amounts of patience, I cannot buy anyone.

I can dollar my way to the village, and learn, there is not Cocoa or Chocolate here, then become very frustrated, and think. I have to try again to write this book.

To look at crops, to learn about Agriculture is a timing thing, I have to be extremely lucky or pay a small fortune to do it, I have to dollars my way there. Somewhere, today, there is a person on the planet harvesting and then we hope starting the processing of Chocolate. IF you want to be a chocolate tourist, you need to fly there and wait.

To see this, and to understand, I have to intermix and intertwine my life with a person with very little English education and totally bewildered why I would want to see Cacoa, something that they see every day of their life. The cannot for one minute believe,
- Why would a white man pay money to see Cacao. -

But, if he is willing to slap a large amount of Dollars down, I will pretend and go along with him and take his money for being foolish. This is agro-tourism in a nutshell, go and see something that the person showing you considers and thinks you are stupid. Everyone knows about Chocolate or Cacao, this is common knowledge.

I know about corn, wheat, and hay, how to bale hay, I also know how to pick stones from a field. My friends in University would make fun of me and I would think, little do they know how stupid a city kid can be, I have them right where I want them. Thinking they are smart.

Ok, I have decided to hope and go look at Chocolate being grown as small beans, or something.

On essential note, if you wish to be an agro-tourist, do all your research before you go, as right here in the Cacao or Chocolate country land of Togo, there is NO information to be found, and I am not going to even bother to look, I have done this too many times.

With the help of the Encarta Encyclopedia and the GPRS Internet connections I can take my only in my imagination Chocolate tour into real fields and real peoples homes and pay them too much to see the stupid white man look at what they see as common.

I also have simultaneously under the Request for photos in the help center got these boys from India wanting some photos for a book. What a good timing of the world with reality.

Life is good, then there is Chocolate, as advice that is sage, remember,
- Girls love Chocolate. -

Togo Cacao Agro Tourism