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Swiming The Amazon

2007-04-08 02:57:00

Swimming The Amazon
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

I was reading on Hobo World New page.

A great way for me to get quick overview of the world new and make Iran still exist...
I picked up on this story about a man who swam the Amazon River from beginning to end.

My first thought was, hmm, wonder where he chose or how he chose the location of the beginning of the Amazon. I mused on this point too much and have spent time looking at maps, while in Bolivia and think the very start is around Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

I looked at his map, and this is really quite an amazing feat, and for sure qualifies as extreme travel.
(What do you think, will this BBC link eventually break?)

He is an Extreme Traveler.

I got immediate fear thinking about swimming down the Amazon. I cringed and imagined a Piranha going for my privates. I have swam in the Amazon but while with great self-talk saying continually to myself,
- They will not bite me, this is just a story, and happens only in movies.-

Swimming The Amazon