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Quality of Life Architecture

2007-04-23 03:17:00

Quality of Life Architecture
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am trying to understand my planet, I am not sure we are evolving to higher levels. I am positive some sections or parts of all societies are become superstars, however the general population is in many way being lead to slaughter.

I am wondering if the Star Trek, Dr. Spock simple common sense, stated clear and easy will come to past, or is the future a world full of fat people walking though malls, sports bars, and soap operas.

Sort of the Seven Deadly Sins exaggerated.

QUOTES from Encarta Encyclopedia (2)

Seven Deadly Sins, classification of sins: pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.
… There is no foundation in the Bible for this classification…
… These seven sins are not singled out because they are all grievous sins or because of their severity, but because they are the inevitable source of other sins …
End Quote

Sin or not a sin, not really a concern to me, I guess I do care about the quality of life.

I think primitive man went and grabbed a tree limb, went into a cave, then I hope, or think they must have really thought about this decision, saying to themselves, is this a good idea.

Introspection is this good idea, or did they just sit around being food for lions. Some surely were just food, but some continually survived and conquered the planet.

I know my problem; I want everyone to conquer the planet, not just some.

I see these steel roofs on homes, they are taking over the planet, and they are rusty and ugly. I think they are very hot, but they are easy, simple, and cheap and stop the rain from dousing the cooking flame.

Did anyone stop and think, is this really a good idea.

Life is simple, most of us do the minimums, I was trying to get a moto taxi to the Ghana Border, most of the taxi boys were Sunday Drunk on this mash beer they drink, I opted out. They do not drive safe on good days, there is no need, simple decisions.

There are many small soap operas on the planet, contrary to what the world wishes to tell you, the suffering is not so real, the world lives darn good.

I see the most suffering probably by people who are old, with no pensions, and people who were hit by cars, and now cannot walk straight. When you lose in the battle to fend for yourself because you are a cripple or old, then life is bad. All them other issues seem sort of soap opera to me.

Note: Blogging is not needed, something I do for kicks, pure luxury for me, but introspection should be a need, but it is not.

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Quality of Life Architecture