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2007-04-04 02:18:00

Popular Blogs
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My blog is not popular, it may be well know and recommended, that is not the same as popular.

As some of my friend get serious about blogging, and try to make a living blogging, I tend to think more about if this is possible for the average person.

I do not make diddle from my blog, I make the bulk from the main site, maybe 5-20 dollars per day from the blog part, however, I am guessing, I do not know, there are too many pages on my site, and the income is distributed, not isolated, as I would wish or possible.

I think though if a person wants to be famous, and a popular blog, they need to post blogs that are easy, simple and a person can agree or disagree easy. Do not sit around and contemplate your navel as I do and totally confuse the readers.

The popular blogs seem to written more to the third grade reading level, seem to cater to a simpler mentality that like sports, soap operas, and read the horoscope daily in the newspaper, does not have a clue what is on the business section.

The is prime time TV.

To be popular, you have to cater to prime time TV. I would say most travel magazines write for prime time TV. They are never offensive, and help to support silly idea like poor people are nice people and going to a resort is seeing a country.

A popular blog would reinforce beliefs or preconceive perceptions, and not try to refute or destroy popular stereotypes. They would attack popular common figures, like President Bush and support Popular dizzy people like.. Darn, cannot remember the name, Brad Pitts wife. Joli or something, a good looking girl.

This type of blog is easy for most persons to perform, because they are prime time, they are the majority.

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