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Photos of Togo Girls

2007-04-19 02:37:00

Photos of Togo Girls
Koti Togo West Africa

Normally women of Africa walking around barely clothed is about as much fun as walking in on your grandmother getting out of the shower by accident, Koti Togo was a little more interesting.

There was a couple of girls, I think around ages of 22 in the Village of Koti maybe Kati, Togo. The place was full of girls. These girls are dressed and trying to be more fashionable than the others, who are dressed for the heat or more practical.

I think of many small captions for photos of cities, and think in terms of songs, in Koti Togo, I was thinking of the Beatle Song,
- Back in the USSR. -

When I was entering the small village of Koti, on a very hot and red dusty day, the road was gravel, all was hot. The music groups the Beatles has a lyric from the song about Back in the USSR and it says,
- Leave the West Behind. -

Meaning we are leaving the Western, or the so-called modern world behind, as I came into Koti I thought,
- Leave the tops behind. -

There are girls in West Africa with no tops, or not wearing anything up top, and usually they have a skirt on or something on the bottoms. Incredibly rare, but there are some people with no clothes. However, on a very hot day in Koti, there are is an over-abundance of women walking around with no tops and I did feel like I left the west behind.

Girls in towels, I am not going to show the other version for many reasons, but mainly because I do not want to be penalized by for having inappropriate information on the pageā€¦ hehehe

Walking around with less than normal clothes on is not as simple as saying they do not wear clothes. The living in a home in the tropical areas is different from in cold climates. The home or rooms in the home are only for sleeping. The cooking, living rooms, and all the other rooms are outside; they do not need a kitchen inside the home.

Therefore, when you see people walking around, it is more or less watching them go to the showers, the living room, lounging around and as you or I would dress in the privacy of our homes. I find I am wearing very few clothes in the room here because of the heat.

This girl was at the next home over, she had the towel wrapped around her waist and when we walked up to inquire about, I am not sure, but I am sure I did not need a good reason, she pulled it up to cover herself and this is normal. The breastfeeding continues constantly and everywhere, a tugging a pulling by the babies.

The people are modest and see some aspect of behavior as more alluring or not proper, I am not sure that is proper or not proper, and not sure I care anymore. But, the world does not want me or women just having sex anywhere, so they behave in a manner that either encourages when proper or discourages when not proper.

This girl has exceptionally clear skin for here; her whole body was amazingly free of scars or problems. I feel sad for the girls here sometimes, fashion is a big priority here, as is anywhere on the planet. If you asked me what West Africa girls thought about, I would 100 percent sure not say money of food, or problems. They want money so they can get their hair extended or buy tresses or tissages. Then they want a portable phone after that, just like any girls or person on the planet. The men are dreaming about buying a moto or a having enough to give enough cadeau or gift to have their girl friend spend the night, as it is pay to go society. Food is plentiful and is everywhere, but fashion is the true desires, or wants of luxury items.

Well, there are many problems in a village for the skin, a person will fall down, scrape their legs, and a mosquito will bite them and are infected. They do not exercise and they get fat, etc, and so forth. Any girls here over 25 is on the way to being huge normally and huge is a sign of being rich, so they are big.

As best I can tell, about 90 percent of the day was sitting around and talking, just as you are viewing in this photo. Then the rest is walking to see what is happening or in the process of going to carry water or in this village to walk to the outskirts to relieve yourself.

I guess if you want to sleep on the floor on a matt, you can have this experience easily, yet the time involved in what is normal, showering, toilets, etc start to dominate the use of time in your day.

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Photos of Togo Girls