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Mont Kloto Konda Togo

2007-04-19 01:02:00

Mont Kloto Konda Togo

Road in Togo going to Ghana Border

This is the road, only a few spots look like this, but the road is very nice and pleasant.

This is a small section of the winding road in the small 500-700 meter high mountain ranges of Togo. This is on the road from Kpalime to the Togo - Ghana border. The cost of the motorcycle taxi trip from Kpalime to the border was 1100 CFA and it should be easy for anyone to purchase one-way for 2000 CFA or about 4 US dollars. A round trip ride from Kpalime should be no more than 4000 CFA, and we could have gotten for 2200 CFA.

The road to Konda, and this visit the Butterfly place is ok, not sure my favorite location, but ok. The two major hotels are best to bring a girl with you or to come a couple. The Papillion Auberge is in the center of Konda and is ok, in a you are the only tourist, everyone wants to sell to you way.

The Campemont and the Nectar require you have a car to be good. I actually would say sleeping on the border was a better idea in one of the homes as they have a river next to the village, and I did not see a river close to the village of Konda.

This is a small waterfall along side the road, in any mountain area of the world, there will be these small waterfalls.

I listen, read, and try to access information when I hear it about waterfalls. I want to read, there are a series of small pools where I a person can swim and enjoy the day. Then I wish to read, the waterfall is about a 10-15 minute walk or the waterfall is right next to the Auberge. Or here in Togo, I am wanting to say, there are motorcycles that will take me.

Trekking and walking in the woods is fun, however the truth is the normal person that treks does it with a companion or friend. Walking through the woods alone is somewhat lonely and tiresome. I have about a negative 20 need for solitude. I am alone and have solitude about 90 percent of the day. There is a need for quiet, I am not sure I would call that the same as solitude. Peace and Quiet can be difficult to find.

I am good at finding rooms that are quiet, I have a mix of needs, and quiet rooms and nice owner are big on the list.

There is this Buvette or Bar mentality of Hotels in West Africa, and there is about 95 to 99 percent of the time a bar in the Hotel. In Europe it is like living in a Bar, so I do not enjoy Europe at all.

I try to find hotel where the bar does not do very well, and then I do not need to go to the mountains to trek for solitude. A person may get to know himself or herself well enough on a long trip, where they can learn what they like and stop being influenced by everyone around them to do what other like.

I am encouraged every day of every week by the African people to find a woman to travel with me; it is staggering the number of offers. I do not see a person with no education, no ability to read, only is good at buying, looking pretty, and doing laundry as a good mate and friend for travel. That is not to say there are not educated people, it is to say, I think the anyone is ok mentality says a lot on how women view men and how men view women here.

The laundry is about the best reason, companionship and talking is the reason I would like to spend time with people.

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Mont Kloto Konda Togo