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Map to Tsevie Togo

2007-04-19 10:34:00

Map to Tsevie Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maybe a map to Hippos.

I am north of the city of Lome, still in the city, but will move north toward Kpalime, or Atakpame. I am in a debate, I have already traveled the road to Kpalime, however I am trying to figure out my energy, where does my energy wish to push me.

If I go to Tsevie, then I can move over toward the Benin Border and there is this Hippo Icon on my map, maybe I can find a Hippo near a city called Tabligbo. The problem is some form of Travelers idea of never following the same path, in a way, it would be good north to Kpalime, skip on past Kpalime, and cruise around the cooler mountain areas, go further north than come down the center of the country and exit over to Benin, I just do not know how I wish to enter Benin. I cannot figure out a good round-trip path, that would allow me not to travel the same roads again.

I need both a Nigeria and a Benin Visa, however I guess I can get the Benin temporary visa at the border, then get the longer visa in Cotonou or Natitingou in the north of Benin. I really do not want to make the trip again from Lome to Cotonou, there was nothing I remember along the way, that fascinated me, or draws me back, I would be fine to avoid Cotonou, Benin.

It is this stupid Nigeria Visa that is causing the problem, I need or feel I should be closer to the time of entering Nigeria before I try to attain this Visa, it just does not seem wise to get it too early. The country of Nigeria requires I get a Visa in my home country of the USA, and because of that, nothing is guaranteed, I will need to work harder to talk them into giving me a visa.

Ok, I will go to Tsevie tomorrow and see what is up, it shows on the Cell Phone map of Togo that Tsevie is in the center of a cell, so I can still use the internet, I hope.

Note: I am Tsevie, I paid 1000 CFA for a moto to the city.

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Map to Tsevie Togo

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