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Kpalime Togo Croix Rouge

2007-04-03 09:58:00

Kpalime Togo Croix Rouge
Red Cross Kpalime Togo

Applaud, claps and yippee, a good start for the Togo Red Cross or Croix Rouge in the French Language. I told myself, not to think about the NGO-ONG lack of doing anything worth a darn, and I found a loophole in my own rules. I guess I can encourage by finding a couple of things they have started to do right.

This is the ONE trash bin, close to the Post Office on one of the main streets of Kpalime, Togo, just down the street from the big Fan Milk distribution shop. I have found only one, but it is a good idea.

Some people that have read my ramblings and allowed me to annoy them for years may recall or remember me commenting that we need to send a deluge of trash cans to the developing world.

I could take a photo of the disgusting stream or the water ditch that runs right through the center of the main market. However, what is the point; it looks like any ditch in any city on 80 percent of the planet. The developed world as they say is small in my view, about 20 percent, while the developing, under-developed, etc and so forth dominate as the 80 percent.

I think a deluge means bucket of water coming down, it was door number 2.

DELUGE defined:
2. vast quantity: an overwhelming amount of something

I think the USA should send millions, maybe billions of plastic trash barrels to every country on the planet. Then put a very small, not big, barely noticeable label saying. A gift from the people of the United States of America. Then the words - Trash Disposal - in the local language also, however a s huge label.

I want an overwhelming amount distributed, you cannot give, the governments would sell them to their people. Then after they have loaded them up with fish, carried water in them, used for tables, hauled grain in them, what can be left over is an over-abundance of trashcans, because it has to be overwhelming.

The bottom line in life is this, the world, including the USA people are enormously lazy, what is easy to do, they do, there can be no obstacle or they give up easy. IF there is trash can close, then the world will use it, but if it require work, then no. I personally throw my trash on the ground in the world all the time, it is ridiculous, the world is being unreasonable, give me the can.

I would like to can a few of the United Nations people to help save the world.

Ain’t that an euphemism?

This Toilet is up the hill from the main market, past the central Gare or small bus and bush taxi station. It is on the right as you head towards the Sunday - Tuesday market area.

Ok, I do not think this toilet is quite in the needed location, and one trashcan in the city is not going to keep the city clean. However, this is a good start. As long as nobody says, quit urinating on the walls, I assume the world will continue to urinate when they think about it, as always, anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks to the Togo Red Cross for starting along the correct path, when I do not see a person urinating 25 times per day, I will know the toilet project is working. When I do not see the central water stream or ditch running down the center of the main market not full of trash and looking like a sewer, I will know the trashcan idea is working.

Send Trash Cans, a deluge.

By the way, I throw trash on the ground all the time. I think since I have adopted this idea, my life has become 10 percent happier. The constant search, carrying trash in my pocket, was like carrying a continual reminder of dirt. It does not feel good to be the only one looking for a trash can, while 80 percent of the planet is just throwing trash anywhere. I now figure, that is the way they want, that is the way they get it.

This all falls under one rule of mine, the job of management is not to manage, it is to remove the obstacles to production.

Africa is clean compared to India. South America is about the same, and hard to say in Asia, cluttered with people, but the need is there about the same or more than Africa. Africa is clean, big, open area, not really many people.

Kpalime Togo Croix Rouge