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Hotel Guide Photo Standards

2007-04-04 14:07:00

Hotel Guide Photo Standards
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Question, what is included with the room?

What a lot of work this is to collect the information and photos needed to make a great webpage about a Hotel. In the back of my mind, I am always thinking, how can I set up the standards needed if I was paying someone to collect this information.

The impossible problem to solve is the problem with the hotels. When a person goes to a Holiday Inn or Sheraton Hotel or Hilton Hotel or a big resort, I hope for standardization, I want globalization to take over my room. I do not care if 95 percent of the toilets in India are squat, I still want my western style toilet.

I want every room to come with a towel, soap, small towel for in front of the shower, toilet brush and many other selected accessories.

When in a Mom and Pop Hotel every room is unique, it is possible on room has a big couch, while the one next door for the same price, has nothing. Then you have the cleaning person that remember to put the bar of soap, and then cleaning person that never does anything good. I truly do not see any standardization on the planet enforced in the hotels under 100 rooms.

Hangers and closets, what a waste of space, the average closet has zero hangers, and two if they are great, why give me a closet or dresser with no hangers to utilize.

However, in a hopeā€¦ of collecting the basic idea, I have thought of this strategy today. While I was taking photos of another idea it popped into my mind.


This is a photos of all the miscellaneous smaller items in my room in one photos. I have added this to my master list of photos to take to show an accommodation.

Aagh, I spelled expose wrong, I really should back in a perfect world and add to this page.

Nonetheless, to make standards for little Hobo blogger is the idea, to supplement their incomes by taking photos. I need to give easy to follow standards or guides on what photos to take.

This is quite easy, take all the small stuff, put in a pile. The truth though is this, I know the next room over does not have the same list. Sadly the hotels of the planet work on this system, come and ask, and I will give it, but if you do not ask, it is not included. I gave up a long time ago asking for towels. I do ask for toilet paper sometimes, just because I am cheap. Soap, I carry my bar, I am never short on soap as there is always a couple of extras in my bag from the hotel where I did not use, and I packed it away.

I laugh in the Philippines, they always give me a an extra toothbrush and toothpaste, I think they assume some babe is always coming over and they need to brush their teeth. The system is designed in the Philippines for night visitors. He in Togo, what is it designed for, I suppose lying around and them having beer to bring to the room.

Note, here is a funny, do you really want to look under a bed anywhere in the world? I truly think, the only solution is to not have an under the bed or under the mattress. I get nervous in an hotel when I look under the mattress, or bed, I am thinking, maybe I will want to move out of the hotel if I really know.

Hotel Guide Photo Standards