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Empathy for Blog Readers

2007-04-15 05:45:00

Empathy for Blog Readers
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 13, 2007
When I get too far off topic, I do try to have empathy for the readers.

I have devised a solution so you do not listen to every single rambling I make about some subject that are really boring.
This is my diary, it is the journal of my daily life. Benjamin Franklin or Mark Twain or Christopher Columbus would write letters to people and many of these letters are published. A diary is supposed to be what I am thinking about, not as most blogs have become a journal written to what the think you are interested in, I am explaining about how I feel when I travel and what I do today.
I read emails: I then want to go post or write a blog, I want to go and write in my diary and take my confused thought, and in carthartic way clean and understand them. Talking to myself, makes me understand and clarify in my thoughts. I just downloaded, what could and maybe could be one of the most boring books on the planet, I do not know, I have not started to read. I am interested, so I will try to read.
- The Project Gutenberg EBook of Captain Cook's Journal During the First
Voyage Round the World, by James Cook
Every person writes and is read by a specific group.
My Mother like only about 10 percent of my ramblings, however she says you like and reads them all, I am not so sure and I surely hope not.
Well, what I do not, with the Help Center of I can click no reply, write a post, and it is label and categorized for the readers who do not wish to read my writings, but do wish to know my thoughts on how to get cheap airplane tickets.
Today, I received a letter from Craig of talking about India Corruption, a topic on his brain because the Venezuela Police just stole some money and took a knife from him. Hehehe
Empathy for Blog Readers