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Easter in Togo

2007-04-08 07:34:00

Easter in Togo
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 8, 2007

In the name of love…
- Bono

Photo of a band playing and a mob of people celebrating Easter and walking around the city waking everyone.

5:00 AM, or earlier, the noise, I suppose I finally awoke around this time…

In the name of love.

Aagh, right when I am hoping to clarify and find the correct lyrics the internet stop working.

I will go for the Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer, it is better in a way than the internet.

Quote from another song of the group U2 and the singer by the name or maybe taken name of Bono

I have climbed highest mountains,
I have run through the fields,
Only to be with you...
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

Irish rock group.
Song lyric.
The Joshua Tree, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

Ok, those words could be the motto or any traveler.

Bono is more or less means good in French, or some adaptation of the Latin, Spanish, or Italian of the word good. His real name appears to be
- Paul Hewson, known as Bono -

Does it mean good, I have no idea.

The lyrics of one of the song, is something about what we do for love, and I love this song, there is something of an inspiration to say, or to think, what we do in the name of love. Love is the ingredient that pushes a person to obsessive levels.

Somerset Maugham wrote a book or play called the Razors Edge, where somehow over the rainbow I discovered in a movie by the same name with Bill Murray in it, in the movie to quote incorrect or badly, Bill Murray says,

- Love without passion is not love. -

The Razor’s Edge, motion picture about a young man who searches for the meaning of life after being disillusioned by his experiences during World War I (1914-1918), based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham.

As best I can surmise, in 1984 there was a remake of the movie and it starred Bill Murray. Maybe it cannot be viewed as starred as I think the world considers this movie a flop or failure. I on the other hand, consider it one of the greatest movies ever made, but then again, it is my passion, therefore my love. The movies to me is imbued with profound insights.

I find the concepts and loves of the movies, the searching and drifting of the main character as a awe inspiring explanation of the true nature of people in the world.

Passion, I just had a band of 10 people walking, playing instruments, and making enough noise to wake me, visit the church next door to the Auberge Mandela, and next to room 4 window playing music.

- In the name of love. -
Passion.. Love without passion, is not love.

When a suicide bomber, kills himself or herself in the middle of a pizza parlor in Israel. They do in in the name of love, maybe obsessive love, but in the name of Love.

When a band plays, waking me up, and every other person in the neighborhood as an EASTER or Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A very confusing celebration for me, Andy a Christian.

They killed Christ on the cross and he suffered a human death, and was sacrificed by God, the father, gave his son to die a human death. This bargain as made it return for the ability to give humans paradise or heaven.

That part that evades me, is if you die for me, then stay dead, do not wake up or arise after three days and we call it Easter. But, I do not argue with Gods and think, nope, I am to accept.

Oh well, not really important me, Michael was asking me about God the other day, and I said,
- Look at that girl. -

I said,
- Is she good or bad? -
Michael looks, at me, and says,
- I cannot know. -

I say,
- Stop thinking, and tell me, -
I push him, shove him emotionally to make a decision,
- Is she good or bad. -

He denies knowledge, again, and I say,
- YOU know. -

Ok, she is good.

This knowledge is God to me, is no more, no less, the ability to know good from bad. The refusal to see good is a small fight with God, the denial of good in the person the refusal to accept the girl was more or less a good girl is difficult, and a fight with God.

There is a good spot and a bad spot in all people, the dominant force in the person is my view of God. If I see and can see good and evil, I am accepting of the powers of God, to see a brother or sister.

I see my job on the planet, is to not fight with God, but to obey, do the next right thing. (Note, I am not saying what is written in books is what God wants me to do.) Thereby keeping the monkey off my back, that goes by the name… Guilt or Shame.

I can go on and say, when I do a bad deed, I need to say I am sorry and change.

Simple as I can say how to live, take a look at the person next you, give them a feel, if good, then continue, if bad try to avoid. If you do something bad, say you sorry and stop it. If you continue, you are a bad person. I believe a person understand this, and a good person understands, and now while reading this the bad person is starting to get angry.

However, the truly bad, stopped reading at the mere mention of Easter, in anger.

Fun stuff, there is this big whirlwind over the planet, and it spins out good and bad, and in the name of God people go and kill, and kill, and kill and continue to kill. But there is a lot more good than killing.

I see the mob of Christians waking me as about the same as a suicide bomber, but a small bit safer. If I disagreed or ask them to stop, or to told them to love me as their neighbor, they could kill me in their protection of their right to invade my space and disturb me.

Taking a photos is safe 1 in 100 times because we naturally would afraid and run if there was danger, or obey demands made. Give me you camera, or give me money, or placate them to appease and stop the anger. Safe, but in the harms way.

Like they said in the movie the Razors edge, the path or road to salvation is long and narrow, like a Razors Edge.

Good fun and interesting and because I feel no guilt today, I can say and do as I feel and think, (Which is to do Good, maybe God.) fully knowing temptation is life, and not a complicated as you think to avoid. I just do not fight or argue with that voice that says,
- Andy, do not do this, this is bad. -

Note, to go around a neighborhood and wake everyone in the name of love is not love, and to do it every day of the week would be hate. Somewhere, on the edge of the razor is the correct path.

The women following up the rear, and older women, all in white came up and shook my hand, whirled, spinning and danced away. See what looks like a moon in the photo… I am not where or why.

Easter in Togo