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Blogging is My Business

2007-04-02 01:10:00

Blogging is My Business
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I really do not care much about what I blog, I write about what I am thinking at the moment. To read my blog for relevancy and usability seem silly at best.

IF you are going to go travel for over two years.
Extremely Valuable and applies to maybe 1 in 500,000 people.

If you are in the office, and planning a trip to Togo right now, then very good.

If you are curious…

If you are planning a trip to South America, then go read my blog post or newsletters about that time period and forget reading the daily blogs about Togo.

This is a business, always has been, always will be, I make web pages, I blog to make money. I had one goal with I started to make web pages.

I wanted to earn enough money to travel and work anywhere on the planet, to be a Hobo that goes from place to place and find small jobs.

Extremely few readers, reads the whole newspaper. They read the sections they like and ignore the others. This is how to read a blog, it the topics and the reader wants, continue, if not interesting, click away and be done.

I want to receive blogs my email box, if I am going to read, I want to read, I am not interested in RSS, as I have a hard time using it, and it does not force me to read. I read by temptation. I have and will continue to put manuals and difficult journals, and boring, but I need to read information in the rest room. I read a little of what I do not really want to read.

RSS to me is this, I am saying I am interested in everything, but focus on nothing.

If I want to read something, I make myself react to it, I force it to cross my path daily, then I learn.

But making one post for me, is about business. I make each post to have it show up in a search engine, the person finds, a reader interested in blogging will find this one. I then hope so they do not get annoyed, they click on the NEW feature now offers.

Thank you - Labels - they at the bottom of all post online, not offline, and a reader can stay on topic better by reading the labels and get their I need information fix, MTV, too fast for life people, not my friends, just came to read and take and leave.

My best friends have insatiable curiosity about anything, talk about trees, they talk, talk about solar, they talk, talk about politics they talk, the subject is not as important as curiosity. They are probably still reading to this point… Hehehe

The bottom line is this, the more pages a person makes on different topics, the more money they can make on the internet with the new contextual ads. The more unique, obsolete, and unknown the topic, the more money they can make. To talk about Shakira will not make you money as everyone is talking about Shakira, to talk about Togo will make me money, I will be continually in the to 10 searches for Togo because the planet does not know Togo exist, and is not a prime time subject.

I recommend blogging as a source to fund a person who wishes to travel forever. However, they need to make about five posts per day minimum for about 2 years to make any money. Every post is one subject and one them, they need to follow very strict SEO rules and pretty much ignore the other webmasters, if a person say Flash, this mean the do not know.

I like to blog, fun, easy, and my online diary, talk about what I want, the readers help me, they give me ideas and recommendations, I make some friends, I make enemies.

The way to know how popular a blog is, count the number of hate mails, if you do not get hate mail, not many people are reading and probably you spend your whole time sucking up to people, being a person who says what you think they want to hear, and not your log of you life.

Blogging is My Business