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Alcohol Still

2007-04-19 08:01:00

Alcohol Still
Koti, Togo West Africa
April 2007

The fermentation, then the distillation of palm tree nuts or juices to make Alcohol in Koti, Togo.

I may be wrong on this ingredient used, but something from the palm tree. I have taken photos of a Still in India where they used something from the palm tree, they called it Fanny. I also found one in Nepal and I am sure others, but now I forget.

The farthest 55 gallon enclosed tank has a fire under it, then slowly tubes are cooled in the other three.

This is the final product, the owner had no idea of the percentage of alcohol in the final drink. He runs it through cotton at the end to filter.

Alcohol Still, Alcohol, Togo,

Alcohol Still

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