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A Method to The Madness

2007-04-02 07:34:00

A Method to The Madness
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I have been in a better blogging mood, a few people have commented and for sure I feel happier. Happiness and what makes a person feel happy is not simple.

There are many areas of the web site and in the last few months some of the dots have been connected. The world wishes to read a simple story, beginning, middle and end, completely wrapped up and no loose strings. This is not ever the truth of life.

Just because I cannot explain simply where web sites and all the related Hobo sites, and etc, are going, does not mean I do not know where they are going.

- I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
German-born U.S. physicist.
Einstein's objection to the quantum theory, in which physical events can only be known in terms of probabilities. It is sometimes quoted as "God does not play dice with the Universe."
Letter to Max Born (2)

An idea starts as in infant, like a baby, grows and takes shape, we cannot constrict the infant, we must encourage a baby, to become a man, an adult, and to thrive and leave the nest.

The more I live the more positive, I am not correct in my thinking. I say I am doing this, and always do that, the Scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz was more focused than me. The world is Amorphous for me.

1. without shape: without any clear shape, form, or structure
2. not classifiable: not obviously belonging to any particular category or type

I have said, written, though many times,
- Clarity is Serenity. -

The clearer the path, the more serene I am.

A couple of major connect the dot toys have been added to the Hobo toy box. One by design and one by accident. We put together a way for me to reply to emails, and when I reply the answer is posted to the internet. What this does, is give me a clear reason to answer the many emails I receive and also helps a person to find answers.

I do not feel bad, when I do not reply, I reply, because there is a reason. Help Center and specific answers to people questions.

I am clear, if I answer emails, and the person never says thank you to the work I put into the replies, never cares, they just take, I am now ok.

I am still happy. Because I have posted a page, and the site can make money by the typing of answers, and others can share or read the answers, and I may not need to answer the same question 50 times.

Frustration before, I would write answers, they get blocked by the perrsons anti-spam craziness and I cannot even write them back, like writing a black hole for a date, and expecting an answer.

Blogger added Labels.
The labels adds clarity, I have posted some 2800 times on the blog, and on many countries and various subjects, I cannot remember what I have said to myself. I like order in a chaotic universe, I do not want God to play dice with my thoughts, I want a way to collect, categorize and relate a mind, my mind, and with labels it takes all them scattered ideas and groups them into one idea. If I wished to collect all the blogs and make a outside the doctors office table book, I could fast and easy.

IF a researcher ask me, I want to know about water and the world. I can say, click on water… IF I have label all the post and only about the last 300-500 have labels, then I could say, go to this link and you will find many photos of water and drinking water, etc.

People are more or less lazy, give me all the research you have on water. I have taken hundreds of photos of drinking water, sewer systems, how water is manages or not manage and how I drink. There will be no thank you…

With labels I now have a path to clarity, I can connect the dots. I created the 2004 2005 2006 not for the readers, but in the start to relate all the blog, and I will still continue to do this. I hope to hire some very critical thinker and have them go through all the post and add the labels. I do so when my connection is fast, not often, easy to do while I watch movies. If I had high-speed in the room and a good action, fighting movie was on, I could search, label to my hearts was happy, it takes a long time to connect the dots of 2800 dots.

I figure I have about 10,000 photos, that is even a worst sense of Chaos, to label all them photos and connect the dots, never ending chaos.

We hope before we die, that we bring our life full turn, we hope we go one complete circle, that all the world, all our hopes and dreams come true.

I feel good because my dream for is growing and having babies, soon I know I can help others to blog with I have more and more readers dreaming about nomadic travel of the planet.

I do hope, they can become Hobos and travel from place to place, looking for jobs, a way to live and prosper anywhere on the planet. Yes, I am happy, I can see some long-term wishes coming true. The site now has some 5 millions cities on it, and I need to add the USA or about 3 million more.

The idea is to have every place to sleep on the planet on a temporary hobo basis in the site, rich, poor and free. No problem.

To get a grip on this, to understand how to proceed, which way to go has been an Amorphous headache.

Clarity brings Serenity.

I am in Africa for about 8 months or up to two years, I do not have to worry where I am going, I am there.

I am not lonely, there is always too many people, girls and friends to invade my world here. It is very easy to avoid the tourist with their dreamland ideas of the world, and MTV generation, need of instant gratification lives.

GPRS - I have said before, Travel answers questions you did not know you needed to ask.

GPRS Cell Phone Internet connection helps me to clean up all those questions that my mind has asked. I see a funky thing in Africa, I can go search for why. Stop this madness of curiosity that never ends. I have people ask me sometimes why I drank so much, I often think, drinking to oblivion was the only way to stop the machine from spinning out of control. People do not like to listen to me, they get annoyed, they avoid me, they want me to stop thinking. I cannot stop thinking, it just never ends. Contrary to what a normal person does, I could blog 20 times per day and totally annoy the readers, it is extremely easy to think for me, nothing hard about typing and thinking to myself.

Out of Africa, into Africa, it is a place whereby a person can ask a lot of questions, and I do not have to listen to people talk about foolishness. The world has separated from me, or I have separated, I do not wish to listen to people dream about an Ipod, a new car, I do wish to hear or read about ideas, problems and solutions to life.

- If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
U.S. writer.

Walden, or, Life in the Woods, "Conclusion"

Life is Good
To do more things in a day that makes you happy, then make you sad is happiness, and clarity is serenity. On a clear day, I can see forever.

A Method to The Madness