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500 CFA for Togo Laundry

2007-04-22 03:18:00

500 CFA for Togo Laundry
Danyi Apeyeme Togo Homestay
Sunday, April 22, 2007

I had my laundry down yesterday for 500 CFA or about one US dollars and about 10 dollars less than the hotels. I also think it was done about five times better.

The girl was exceptional and I gave here 1000 CFA after she realized the number of clothes I had. The motos allow the wind and the dust of the red roads to accumulate in my clothes. I have a line in my room constantly and am constantly washing my own clothes. I refuse to pay the tourist fare prices here in Togo or West Africa.

This is my new friend Saficoh who is washing my grungy red dust filled clothes.

This girl and I am think her husband, this is under negotiations is working in this Chinois Chinese Massage and Acupuncture shop, I think it is some trend or fashion in Togo

This is an interesting photo of the kitchen, separated from the main room that is for sleeping, this is actually two kitchens for two families. The doors or steel, chicken wire on the windows and soot black coming from holes at the roof line that is steel.

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500 CFA for Togo Laundry