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5 Page Wonder Hotel Page

2007-04-04 00:36:00

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hmm… maybe not the correct name for what I am doing today. I am getting serious about recommendation of Hotels. However, more serious is my desire to make the perfect hotel site. This is NOT correct, it is not a Hotel site, it is a site where there is going to be a list of every place on the planet where I could sleep short term, whether free or paid, just where can a person sleep when traveling.

The big hotels are easy, it is explaining my favorite type of accommodations, the small bed and breakfast type, family run, mom and pop and that just sits there and hopes someone comes to visit.

Webmaster, I am not sure that is the correct name, however a person who you or say the Hilton Hotel would hire to make an internet site often, normally makes what I call a,
- 5 Page Wonder -

I am being cynical and ornery, not very complimentary and probably insulting, that is ok, I mean it, paying good money to pay the majority of internet so-called webmaster is nuts.

Today, I am trying to make a 5 Page Wonder, but I am not making a 5 Page Wonder page. I am making a yet to be determined number of pages about Lodging Brochure Page template.

People get hung up on words, I use the word Hotel to mean anywhere I am sleeping. I would go back to the camp site and say, I am going back to the hotel. I more often say,
- I am going home. -

I am going to recommend the Auberge Mandela here in Kpalime. This recommendation is conditional.

I recommend this Auberge or a place to sleep if and only if.

1. Price is still 3000 CFA per night for a room. I am not sure if one or two people… hehehe, I need to research, this is the nature of making a page, not easy to collect the answers to many questions.

2. This is the management staff.

April 2007

IF this man is working as the main manager of the Auberge Mandela in Kpalime, Togo I will recommend the Auberge Mandela. April 2007

IF this man by the name of Mawuli is his sidekick is also working, I will recommend this Hotel in Kpalime, Togo. April 2007

This 19 year old kid is a good kid and I think he has mastered the art of doing nothing, a long and established art in West Africa. Say, Girl Watching to him, as I am teaching, he is also working on Girl Flirting and Girl Chattting.

April 2007 - I think there must be a time element, a time stamp.

IF the prices of room are 3000 CFA then I recommend, it the price is 4000 and 5000 I would say, still ok, but when you start to go for 5000 try to decide if you want Air Conditioning, because around 5000 in Kpalime and you can get AC.

Note that this is an example of how I will slowly start to recommend hotels. I will connect or do something with labels and a person can click a label link (look to your right if reading blog online.) starting with the word - Togo - and saying more less something about hotels. I need to think. There is also a need to only have one subject, not mix up the blog and confuse the readers who annoying only care about finding a hotel.

Hmm what is the name of the manager?

I will need to figure out his name of the main manager, not as easy as you think. I have to go and ask, then I have to say, please write it down, then it goes on and on. I need to ask, is this your full name, etc. Then he gets paranoid, starts to hedge, changes the subject, and I am having trouble trying to help him. Now on the other hand, if I say, I am doing this and that, trying to write a page about your hotel, my quality of life drops through the floor and the whole experience and my collection of information become subject to questions. Did they treat me nicer because I am doing this page or worst, or did they not even understand, not understanding is normal.. Hehehe

I have compiled about 1500 to 1700 questions so far about hotels, and suppose this will easily plateau around 5000 and then slowly go up to about 20,000 or 50,000 questions.

The list of simple questions for example,
- Does the toilet have a mirror inside? -

Then, is the mirror broken?

What are making is a very extensive fill in the blanks questionaire that allows an owner to learn what they have for lodging and also helps to make a page.

The idea is this, the person first signs up, gets a username and password and names the hotel. This creates a link.

They log in and fill out the short version page, attach some photos, the page start to come up to be a page. The link is continually sent to the person so they have a link in their email box, and can easily forward or what not.

This is where an owner can hopefully decide to get very serious about explaining their hotel. We will maybe call this person the Accommodation Business Representative, the person that is talking for the hotel… or rooms, maybe they sleep in airports.

This page can be made by owner or a paid blogger of Hobo, or would make for the Hotel, data entry people could enter the names and addresses of hotels to start the names.

Today, I am making an example page, and hoping to make a page with limitations of questions, the short version, yet not missing any essential questions a person who want to come to the Mandela would wish to know.

I have been thinking for a long time, and one of the variances of me and other tourist is that I actually try to live at an accommodation and my priorities are more sharpened and aware of what I need. For example, if I moved to one of the farther hotels, say the Beau Reve, I would need to walk to the main road and hope a small motorcycle taxi would take me to the Market. I instead think the hassle of negotiations and motos is onerous, I do not wish to spend 1 hour of my day in transportation mode.

Strange and I have been trying to surmise why this does not bother most travelers, and I think it is because they want to stay busy, and the experience of being on a moto is exciting. If they change cities every two day, this moto excitement and arranging the moto is part of the journey and they enjoy the stimulation. The farther I am away from the city as a sole person or independent traveler the more dangerous it becomes though, I have a computer, portable phone, camera and the cell phne is an item they want to steal for sure here in Togo. I do not get easily confused on my priorities.

The bundle of services, I call the Travelers Nest, where the hotel is located in reference to Internet Café, Restaurants, Market, Transportation and importantly tourist attractions is my home.

Amazingly in the world, the most expensive hotels are in the worst locations, sometimes for privacy issue here in Africa as about 70-90 percent of the clients are using the hotels as love hotel for their lovers and mistresses. (In huge cities, the expensive are in the best, to spend money.)

Parking causes the African guide writers to not empathize clearly and simply with the true backpackers who are traveling by public transportation. If a person has a car and is writing a guide, I want to know, they was driving a car, there needs to be a distinction, do I need a car to live in this hotel.

I consider this mix of questions difficult to pare down, the guidebooks normally are written for people going by bus in the world. However, it is quite obvious the majority of guidebook writers in Africa are driving a 4-wheel drive, and they also talk about camping, because when you have a car, the idea is to camp to save money because they can carry camping gear, they have a lot of hauling ability. Nobody in South America talks about Camping, rare and hard to discover.

Living in an Africa hotel is so expensive that the cheapest place to live is in a camp site. I do think there is ONE properly priced hotel though in all cities.
This is camping thing is like the USA or Europe. I am trying to think if I know of one campsite in Southeast Asia.

I am pounding away at this project, I have this database, that I sort, search, and try to categorize. I wish to give a rating that would say how likely this place is a good place for me, Andy who wants to live at a place. I have devised a sneaky system that makes the person tell me about the property, yet is not obvious how or why I am asking the questions. For example, I like to have a small bar on the property, that does not play music, however this bar has to be off to the side, or on the ocean and not the place right outside my room. Most people would consider a restaurant in the hotel and advantage, I consider a breakfast an advantage, and the other parts of a restaurant an annoyance. Now, in a business hotel, room service is needed as we are working, for a tourist it may be nice, for a person who is on a budget that say, I am eating at the same cost as locals, it could be an annoyance.

I was offered a salad something the other day for 1200 CFA, the same as I can get in the Cafeteria restaurant area for 500 and I know there they sell enough to be fresh and here, they never sell.

If I am the only person that eats in the restaurant, I am worried about the food being bad. I want a busy restaurant, and preferably street food where I am watching them cook it, I also like to look at the cooks clothe, finger, and inspect the person who cooks my food.

Later in Day, I am randomly taking photos and completion is soon, I am having problems with the room photos as I am living in the room and my junk is everywhere, hard to take photos of the room.

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page