World News at 10 Dollars Per Meg

2007-03-12 02:33:00

World News at 10 Dollars Per Meg
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 11, 2007

To read the news on the internet in some places can cost me 10 dollars per meg of download.
GPRS Cell Phone and Satellite Connections can be outrageously expensive.

I am preparing for bear, trying to discover, create or innovate ways to not become isolated in West Africa from the rest of the world. Togo is great, however in ways it is easy for me to lapse into a I am living on
an island alone way of thinking. This means, what happens in the outside word is not important,

A very educated Togo man did not know where Chicago was yesterday, as when I normally saying to him, I am from Indiana, close to Chicago. The world does not Indiana, yet they normally are pretty clear
on Chicago. Talking about geography is territorial, the Togo people know well and better than the rest of the planet where Ghana, Benin, Niger and other close countries are located, and in Europe, they know
where the countries around them are located, they do not know Indiana is either, therefore with Europeans I also say, Indiana, in the middle close to Chicago.

Ok, I am on an island called West Africa, the normal way of dealing with the outside world is to not know and it understand world politics. What is happening is not important. I am not going to get quizzed on
politics when I go to Europe, USA or anywhere, what the quizzes are always about are Sports, people ask opinions on Sports, and for sure I fail. The world keep track of sports, not current events, actually
very few persons care about world current events.

I do care a little, but there is a limit, I have now figured out a way to quickly and cheaply read the world headlines. I can not read the details, but I can read many headlines. I have this page full of headlines of
CNN, BBC, Reuters, Wikinews, Guardian etc and continue to add.

I am thinking about GPRS cell phone access that cost 10 Dollars per meg or Satellite internet connections that cost about the same. How can a person who is only connected to the world by this small thread
read the news, in reality they probably do not read the news, I guess they could listen to the radio.

I am doing this, I go to one of my own pages made on

I let is load, then I click on File.
I click on Save AS.
I tell where to be saved on my computer, I have a few folders called delete where I put information that will need or I think should be deleted. I save as the day, 11 March 2007 with no commas because they
cause headaches.

I can read many headlines, and it is not big, it does not cost me a fortune for all the graphics on one of he news sites, IF I was paying 10 dollars per meg for expensive GPRS or Satellite. This is also for in the
internet café when I am paying for expensive internet access. I save the pages and go back to my room and read later.

It is interesting to listen or know about broadband, high speed and all these new forms of fast connections when in reality between 50 and 80 percent of the planet is on a very slow connection, my parent MUST
use a dial-up connection in their home, this is all that is available where they live in Indiana. Many web sites are making heavy, pain in the butt sites and impossible for 80 percent of the planet to read or see, this
for sure is sloppy marketing.

I wonder how the empathy rating is doing with their spouses, do they listen to their spouses the same way they believe the whole world is on a fast connection?

The world has access, they can go to places where it is faster, yet normally complicated to do so and for sure Africa, South America and Asia does not have internet in their homes. The internet café is still a
thriving business, where there is no internet cafés, then the internet in the home is more of standard.

Fun and intriguing to me is to ask or talk about current events here in Africa with the other white people, and they say,
- I have no idea what is going on in the news. -

Truthfully, I doubt they most ever had an idea, yet they want to save the world, go figure…

World News at 10 Dollars Per Meg

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