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West Africa Cheap Hotels

2007-03-27 05:26:00

West Africa Cheap Hotels
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I got wind of another cheap Auberge or Hotel here in Kpalime, Togo so I went up the hill near the big Saturday - Tuesday market. I looked first at the market, drank an ice cold Citron - Lemonade and went searching for an Auberge, I find the word Auberge here means cheaper and hotel means more money.
I look around, I did not see anything, then I seen some grass type umbrella tops for tables. That looks like a restaurant inside them there wall. It as right on the corner, directly across from a very funny and strange sign with a drawing of a man doing something…not for prime time discussion.
Ok, I went over, yes, there is an Auberge there; I went, found the entrance, and got the tour. Quite a nice places in a way, quiet, lots of shade, and sitting areas, the rooms were 2000 for shared and 2500 CFA for private, sparse, and bare, but really pretty good for 4 or 5 U.S. Dollars and very close to the Gare or Van Depot for transportation and the big market is just across the street.
Boom Boom Hotel
Buvette Bar Hotel
Love Hotel
I have many names for this type of hotel or Auberge as they say here. A man and girl want to find a room, they go to a place and drink, then quietly slip away or not so quietly slip into an ultra cheap room.
As best, I can tell, since there are almost zero traveling salespeople, no tourist, and this city has very little need for tourist hotels. I would say, boom boom is the call of the day in West Africa.
I was having this moral dilemma; do I recommend a person go live in a Love Hotel, a.k.a. boom boom hotel? What about a girl, traveling alone?
The bottom line is nobody wants to be harassed by anybody, so I guess, yes, I would recommend the Cheap Boom Hotels, not the expensive Boom Boom Hotels, as both are drinking and like I said again and again.
West Africa Cheap Hotels
I am not harassed here by poor people, the bigger danger is the totally decked out, in the Africa Pants suit, up and down, looking like a big flower. This is the person to me that is dangerous, there is an elitist, you must listen to me attitude and they are thinking they are King, sometimes Queens.
I walked into this very thrifty and rather nice hotel across from the Saturday Market place, a man shake my hand, and everyone says hello.
Often the poorer the person is in the world, the better their manners, I think of John Steinbeck and the book Cannery Row, were they sinners or saints?
I am going to continue to search for the cheap hotel, I think I have it figured out, although getting a Moto or Taxi to take me to cheap hotel is not what the knob white people do here, so they just cannot believe me when I say,
- Take me to a 2000 CFA Auberge. -
They will still take me to the most expensive hotel they can find, almost no matter what I say, I have to look outside the expensive hotels until they are done, before they finally say, ok. I know of one.

I want to live with them or like them, as normal. I did come to see Africa, not some made up un-authentic Africa.
Fun and game today and the market was fun.