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Tropical Sleeping Problems

2007-03-23 00:33:00

Tropical Sleeping Problems
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 23, 2007

I do not remember West Africa being so hot the last time I was here; I do remember Niger being very hot. I am more committed this time to Africa though, I want to travel here for a long-time, not just a brief interruption. This is it, I looked at other trips as vacations in the midst of my other vacations, and I would rationalize paying for the air conditioning purchase. This time, I am trying to optimize the use of money.

Climatisation is French for air-conditioning, AC or to have a cool room, the cost of AC has been quoted from about 2000 to 5000 more per day; this is from about 4 to 10 U.S. dollars more per day.

4 U.S. Dollars per day X 30 days in a month is 120 U.S. Dollars extra per month.

It is now 32.00 Celsius in my room or 89.60 Fahrenheit.

To remember the theory Craig pointed out to me, there is this BUNDLE of what I get for what I paid the question is 4 U.S. Dollars worth being comfortable. Then, the worst problem, is the electricity dependable enough to go into a situation whereby when the electricity goes off, I am twice as hot?

4 U.S. Dollars is a standard pay for a room in many countries, I found a room here yesterday at the Mandela hotel, for 6, and maybe I better than the room I am in presently for 4800 CF or about 10 U.S. This is a 40 percent decrease in budget cost.

In economics, utility is a measure of the relative happiness or satisfaction (gratification) gained by consuming different bundles of goods and services. Given this measure, one may speak meaningfully of increasing or decreasing utility, and thereby explain economic behavior in terms of attempts to increase one's utility. The theoretical unit of measurement for utility is the util.


I would prefer to not use AC, mainly because when I walk in and out of AC, it really affects the body hard, especially when you go from about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. A good fan, blowing on my body, not in or at my eyes is good. If I am in a concrete room, with a concrete ceiling, and there is also a concrete room above me, than the room is cooler. If there is a steel roof, than hotter, if there is a wood ceiling in my room, then I know, there is an attic space and it will be hotter.

I am now thinking about this, how I can put a mosquito net on the door to my room, so I can stop the bugs from entering. My room is about twice as comfortable when I open the door as a big breeze comes in the door at night, and hard to day in the day, as maybe it is a hot breeze. The problem is the seal around the door.

Shade or no shade, concrete or no concrete, breeze or no breeze, there is a flat roof up on top of the building. In the Middle East and sometimes in India, people will go up on the roof and sleep, for sure, this would be a good option here, and however, I have not seen anyone doing this.

I have this small thermometer and compass on my camera bag, it may be an annoyance, to know the temperature in the tropics take a lot of works, and do I really want to know.

I do not know why, there just is not a thermometer to be found, clocks are getting easier to find, yet not much value, the people are not on time and do not care, so the clock is just a decoration. Gadgets and measurements always puzzle me.

I use these gadgets and calculations to measure the success of my experiments, if I leave the door open, is it cooler, or does it just feel cooler. If I measure the sound, with my new Radio Shack Sound Meter am I happier or not?

Tropical Sleeping Problems