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Togo Hotel Camping

2007-03-28 01:17:00

Togo Hotel Camping
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I forgot about electrical problems, Kpalime, Togo has a small problem with the electricity going off, yet nothing close to Nepal or Lome, Togo. I am reconsidering the possibility that in Lome, the Auberge MyDiana maybe had a different type of electrical problem, I think the house was on a residential power set up and required a commercial account. Not, that the city should give preferential treatment to business accounts, but I think the Galion Hotel had less problem, they had about the same amount of electrical problems as Kpalime, but nothing close to the MyDiana Auberge, but no way to check, I would have to go over and say, hey do you have electricity every time one hotel went off, go visit the other.

Because the owner would not pay the residential set up, the city shuts them off more or allowed worst service.

Camping - When I camp, I do not have electricity always.

When I camp, I go the woods, and I accept that I do not have electricity and I deal with it. There is a lot of camping available in West Africa, the guidebooks are continually pointing where a person can camp, I am not sure, this may be because of about 90 percent of travelers through Africa seem to be in cars or SUV - four wheel drives.

When I camp, I plan on not having electricity, and then am happy when I do. This is what I am thinking about hotel camping. I do plan on having electricity in a hotel, it would be better to plan on not, and being happy because I do.

I do not try to camp, I only camp because I have no choice, and I do camp or live outside under the stars sometimes. I would think in reality I am better prepared to camp, then the person who plan to camp. There is an idea that a true backpacker is ready to camp, is living in a self contained backpack, ready to live anywhere. Cooking, sleeping, rain, mosquitoes and is ready for bear.

Togo Hotel Camping