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The Togo Debate Team

2007-03-03 02:10:00

The Togo Debate Team
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 3, 2007

I am on the debate team, we are having a debate with the other team, both side have one member who debates, I am the person who represents both sides. How to debate against myself is sometimes a mixed up world, I will say,
- Stop fighting with yourself. -

This is the downside of travel, having to choose destinations, choose options, I am required to make a decision.

I met this man Tim from England, an ex-game making person, and he is trying to ride his motorcycle around the world. He has now taken three years to go from England to Togo, spent about a year in Senegal and a year in Ghana, now a girlfriend from Ghana is coming to Togo to visit him.

Applying the Three Month Rule of Travel, he has probably traveled for one year, and live for two years in locations.

He was very non-committal, he did not make the choice to continue to travel, in reality he made the choice in two locations to stay.
I asked,
- How long will it take to travel around the world. -
He goes this long story about finishing what he starts, how he has an endless need to complete something, alluded to a near-death experience and said,
- A girl will never stop me from travel.-

Spoken in the true male macho style, he is riding a motorcycle, but to me standing down the line on my list of macho. I gave him an out,
And said,
- I think I will some day meet a girl and never have a good excuse to leave. -
He did not take the out, or the choice.

Enough about Tim, I said,
- 25 years. -
It will take him 25 years to travel around the world, or as normal for the person who want to say something, they will cheat, skip, or go too fast, but be able to think they can say, I did it. He is Brit and seems to obey all the proper Pub rules of Brit Travel.

I am debating with myself, shall I hang around for a few weeks, or should I try to find a benchmark location about one to three hours north of Lome. Nothing spectacular about Lome, in reality a great way to avoid Black People here. The hotel, I am presently in is full of White people with black girls in tow. There is strangely what looks like two sets of French Backpackers, they smoke.

The reason to hang around in Lome is to buy things and finish small project, I have been trying finish and send a newsletter on the top travel sites of 2006, it not the first of March and not completed. I suppose I need to commit.

The Togo Debate Team