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Telltale Travel Signs

2007-03-05 01:57:00

Telltale Travel Signs
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, March 5, 2007

clearly showing something: clearly showing or indicating something that is secret or hidden
telltale signs

There are secrets on the planet, there are thoughts and ideas that people with to hide. I read travel writers and it is obvious that many wish to hide the truth, and just give a rose colored glasses view of a country. Of course a fantasy sells better than the truth.

I want to know about people, I want to understand the cultures of the world including myself, any culture.

I look for the identifiers of how a person is, not how they want to be. Last time I was in Africa, I remember reading in the Lonely Planet Guidebook about the Hover.

The writer for one of the countries said about one hotel.
- You do not even need to Hover. -

To hover is to float of flutter above the toilet, using it somehow, however, never touching it. This tells me how the person views both Africa and other people.

About three days ago a Canadian girl was very excited about finding the perfect pair of pants to buy. She said something, like,
- I really need a second pair. -

Translated, I only have one pair of pants, and I wear them every day.

I Andy have about 6 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of long pants, 1 pair of long fishermen pants from Thailand. It is annoying to see the travelers in the exact same clothing every day, and makes me cringe. I am presently carrying about 15 pairs of underwear, and I hope they are not lost in the wash fast.

I have been changing my t-shirt two to three times per day and washing about two per day for sure as it is very hot and I pit them out fast.

Michael Crichton in his book Travels does not say it much, but he talks about it, he says he has a guide or an interpreter. He even says how something take money and planning, however he never says really says often or I cannot remember him saying in the book.
- I purchased a tour. -

However, it is pretty obvious he purchase a private tour in many of these exclusive and out of the way places a money was not a problem.

There are telltale, or identifiers that tell a tale of what is hidden or secret. Your or my intuition will pick up on them, and if you can turn on the intuition and trust your instincts, you can make a decision about who you meet.

Yesterday, here in Lome, Togo I purchased a half filled soda bottle with some extremely good semi-frozen orange juice. The cost was 50 Franc or CFA. This is about 10 cents USA, a Soda in the same store cost about 300 CFA or about 60 cents USA. In the restaurant in my hotel a cup of coffee is 500 or about one dollars something.

I purchased this extreme great drink by accident, as I saw the two children friends drinking it and thought it looked good.

A pint of Apple Juice cost about 850 CFA or about 1.50 dollars. I somehow purchased about the same amount of Fresh squeeze, and frozen juice for about 200 CFA as I drank four of the bottles.

This is a telltale sign of the true economy of Lome. The normal persons can purchase fresh squeezed orange juice for about 10 cents per glass and I am sure in the hotel here it probably cost around 1.50 dollars for a glass of orange juice.

The truth is, I can also purchase a glass of fresh squeezed and semi-frozen orange juice for 10 cents, they just think that no white man wants to share, eat, or drink what they eat or drink. It is as if nobody white has ever walked into the small store and purchase a bag or sachet of water.

The signs are there, there is a telltale sign, I do not think any white men or women walk into the small stores and order a fresh frozen glass or orange juice for 10 cents USA. It was not that easy, because you need to go knock on the gate next door to the store, say something in French and they will hand the juice out the hole. I am trying to figure out how to be black so there is no price inflation. I normally do not buy if there is a telltale hesitation on telling me the price, it means, I am going to go for the money with you.

What they say, and what they really mean.
What you hear from a person I how they want you to see or view them, what you see is who they are…

A person is mentally healthy by the number of secrets they have.

NOTE: To Sean if you are reading, if I was trying to always be happy, then I would be always lying.

Note: To the person who was commenting on getting more traffic if put in more photos, a telltale sign is I really do not care or I would put in more photos… hehehe

Signs above that I do read some emails sent to me.

Telltale Travel Signs