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Talk of Danger

2007-03-25 01:03:00

Talk of Danger
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 25, 2007

The leaders of Iran appear to be lining up to be shot.
- Time to make a move. -

I try to imagine traveling the planet with the idiot notion that I can talk my way out of danger, or discuss, be diplomatic, or in someway we can share and talk over our problems and I would be safe.

I need violence, I am violent, I can and will be violent, extremely violent if needed, I am ready to be violent.

Yes, I can talk my way out of 99.5 percent of situations.

I am laughing at Iran, there are people on the planet that believe they are always safe, that somehow they cannot be touched. That a big hummer, a gun, a weapon, they will be always safe. This is nuts, the leaders of Iran are in harms way up to their ears, they are volunteering to die, they are begging for it. It is hard to believe the majority the people of Iran are in agreement.

The United Nations seems to be in agreement that Iran is going off the deep end.

Yes, 99.5 percent of the time, I am able to avoid danger.

The safety is in knowing and believing I need to be violent, accepting that violence is needed on the planet. I have no choice, I can be non-violent all I want, the other people on the planet are randomly violent.

They go after the non-violent people, the soft and easy targets, not after me, because I know, I can be hurt, I am afraid, I remember, I am not invincible, it is possible to kill me.

Oh well, fun and games, I think Africa is easier and safer for women, the men here, truly believe that women are less than them, and why would they listen, therefore not a threat.

Talk of Danger