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Old School

2007-03-29 23:36:00

Old School
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 30, 2007

I was looking at an iternet page the other day and it said something was - Old School. -

That’s so Old School.
I am trying to remember the first time I heard this or read this.

As I interpret it to mean, or my understanding of this buzzword, trendy type of phrase or combination of words.

Amazing, it is in the dictionary.

Old School:
traditionalists: a group of people who adhere to traditional or old-fashioned values and practices As a disciplinarian of the old school, he was horrified at the laxity of the new regime.

- old skool
reminiscent of earlier style: reminiscent of or inspired by something from a slightly earlier period of popular culture, especially in music (slang)

They call it slang, however it sort of means what it means, this something we learned in the old school of thinking, or the old way of thinking. There is now a new school where we are learning a new way.

I remember when I was in school, there was New Math, it was a new way of learning math or something, I think I never did learn the plot, math to me was math, and it still is math, sort of 0 and 1, yes and no, 1 + 1 = 2 hard to change it.

I really cannot be bothered to listen when someone says this is New School or Old School. I - Cannot be Bothered - is a way the British say or explain, this is somewhat ridiculous, why would I pay attention.

When a person says to me, this is Old School, I think, they are saying to me, you do not know the new way of doing things, the new method, you are old, fuddy duddy. You want to do it the old fashioned way and traditional.

- You are not cool. -
- You are old fashioned. -
- You are not in. -
- You are not trendy. -

This is good.
- As a disciplinarian of the old school, he was horrified at the laxity of the new regime. -

It is sad to me that people in the name of being trendy, will ignore good sound ideas. Ideas are cumulative, I must know the history, all the prior knowledge, and ways of doing things, the methods, and then I must separate what works from what does not work.

The internet is extremely trendy, people jump to the next fashion or trend so fast, I cannot be bothered to listen, by the time I am listening a new fashion is on the horizon and the old one I am learning is out of fashion. Yikes, this is like trying to watch the wind pass.

A young bull says, lets run down and have our way with a cow. The old bull says, let us walk down and see the whole herd.

Tortoise or Hare?

I just purchased a new computer, I purchased with XP and not the new Vista. I use a new computer systems all the time in the internet cafes. I am waiting, when the new school shows me something or a good reason to change, then I will change.

I have been bomb barded to change to this FoxFire; I think that is the name and stop using Internet Explorer as a browser. I have used Foxfire many times in Internet Cafes and personally have not seen a hoot of reason to change, just more information to learn, and not a lot of big benefits. Yes, of course there are some benefits, but it the time I need to learn a new program is not a good trade-off for me.

I think about marketing or promoting information. It is such and easy thing to do. I make a list of every way to do it, and then I go down the list and implement all of them, not just the new ones, the old school, the new school and every possible way of communicating to the audience an idea. I do not put all my toys in one basket and go with the new trend, I do all of them.

I use WIFI when appropriate, even though I consider it sort of a joke and Old School. I do wish I was always in the USA system of things and I could sign up with Sprint and have this all over the USA internet access, but I am in Togo now, not here, so I am with Togocell and I have good access for the country. I have to be as New School as possible, I must be extremely flexible, I adapt faster than believable.

I find the highest and best idea available in the given situation and use it to the optimized level or advantage. I exploit the options, always having my choice open and my mind ready to pounce on an idea that is truly a good idea.

I remember a person in my office one-time saying, the most dangerous words a person can say, is,
- We have always done it this way. -

On the other hand,
- If it works, don’t fix it. -

Trendy ideas are good, great, the future is the new ideas, the new ways of accomplishing task faster and better. Nevertheless, the principle somewhat remain the same; they do not change over time.

If everyone is going the same way, I am going to get nervous, maybe we are all being lemming and there is a cliff to jump off of soon, I think, you first, then I will see, maybe you will survive. Maybe the water is safe to drink, but please you try it first, I will wait, I am patient.

I love when a person thinks I am stupid, this means, I have them just where I want them… hehehe

I am hiding in plan sight, ready to pounce, predatory by nature, survival skills on and ready to go.

It is like saying Bill Gates is stupid, or President Bush, they have you just where they want you, underestimating them, thinking you are so smart, and whack, you do not know what hit you.

I wish they would invent some great travel gear, so I did not have to make it, instead, just more and more trendy and stupid. A different way of doing the same thing, and very expensive, like the more I pay the smarter I am. I truly believe the more I pay, the more stupid I am.

Old School