LO to 84 Decibels

2007-03-14 23:07:00

LO to 84 Decibels
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Low Voltage and High Decibels.

It is 5:52 AM in the morning, I have been playing around for the last half hour or more trying to measure the sound level in my room. I would say I am in a quiet room, then again I am not sure, maybe I am not in a quiet room.

There is a window air conditioner in ever room of this hotel where I am staying, although the price of air conditioner is not include in the base price. Every room has a meter:

The low voltage in this neighborhood of Lome, Togo or the fluctuations in volts may have caused damage to the air conditioners. Or maybe running on lower volts than required causes them to make noise. They make this constant wobble sound, like the ball bearing are bad in the compressor motor.

My room is very quiet, it registers Lo or off the meter when there is no fan or air conditioning running. Turn on the fan and the sound level measure on my Radio Shack Sound Meter can go up as high as 67 and if I put it right next to the fan the meter can read as high as 90.

The fan is a constant, or fluctuating constant sound, a background noise and is ok, it does go up and down as the voltage regulation in the room varies tremendously. It is not an annoying sound.

The person next door, I do not have my air conditioning on, turns on their air conditioners and the wobble grating noise starts.

What I have learn here is that the steady sound level can be high with the fan, yet not be as annoying as sudden noises or different types of noises. The grating of the air conditioning next door to me is very intrusive, while the fan making almost the same level of constant volume is not.

The window in my room is closed, the window in the shower is open, I measured the noise in the shower and it is lower than the room in the bedroom. The noise though is more grating and more annoying, there is nothing to stop the sharp pitches and highs and lows, nothing to slow down the grating, however it is less noisy measured in decibels because that room is farther away.

Choosing a Hotel room.

I suppose I will eventually identify what make a good room from a bad room quicker. Any bed and breakfast type, mom and pop, family run hotel or quaint back country type establishment is full of quirks. There may be a common area where the family sits around and has big discussions and screams when a goal is made in the football game on TV.

I am identifying the quirks of a room and want to know in the hotel, which room is located in the optimum location for peace and relaxation. The person next door has decided to turn off their air conditioner, the stress level of my room has decrease, the overall enjoyment in the room is great now. I woke up because of both a small increase in decibels, yet the type of noise was obnoxious. Plus, I suppose it was time to wake up for me, or close to time.

Small family run hotels, hotels with less than 30 rooms I believe are better than large hotels with more than 50 or more rooms. I do like the mom and pop around, if they are friendly and have an obvious smile on their face. However, when I am entering these small bed and breakfast size hotels, I want to know how to pick and choose the best room in the hotel.

I am afraid of reservations, a reservation says to the hotel, he is committed, we can put him in the worst room and he must accept this as his choice. When I enter a hotel, without a reservation, they know I can say no to the hotel or the room. I take a tour of all hotels, choose the room that is the best fit for me, not another person, but me, some persons could love to hear the loud music or what I think is annoying children. It may depend on the type of music.

To identify quick, make the best choice, then not need to move or leave the hotel is my goal. I have been in this Hotel for about 10 days, therefore it says something good about the room in the hotel. If I leave in one, then maybe it does say something. I do not always know why I am leaving a hotel, it just feels bad and is time to leave, there is nothing in my itinerary or time frames that is scheduled, I can leave when the life gets boring or stay.

Sometimes in a guidebook a writer will say, try to get on the backside of the hotel and avoid the street noise. Sometimes this is easy to do, however in reality, there is one or two rooms in every hotel that are the best. Strange as it may seem, this has nothing to do with price. The highest priced room has the most appliances, TV, Air, Fridge, and is large. Small, quiet, isolated, and with a good breeze can be the cheapest room in the hotel. I like the isolated rooms, however with a window facing something good, a room where what comes in the window is good whether it be noise, sunlight or a breeze. Sunlight coming in the room here in West Africa is not an advantage.

Note a horn beeping of any kind is annoying and abrupt, I cannot hear any car or motorcycle horns, a rooster has started crowing in the far distance.

LO to 84 Decibels

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