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Kpalime Fromage

2007-03-20 04:03:00

Kpalime Fromage
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, March 19, 2007

I am weak, my legs feel like there are spiders in them, and only because I saw some bad cheese. Kpalime is new to me, there are tons of stores, and so far, I have seen no stores owned by Lebanese people. The stores are locals, and there are too many to buy from, hard to choose, none appear to do good business.

I want a small grocery that does a lota of business, where there is evidently a lot of turnover of the food on the shelves.

I purchased some COPY of the Vache qui Rit, Fromage, something Bridell, I think, and then I proceeded to make a cheese sandwich. The cheese seem a little harder, and it was about 7:00 PM and it was already dark. I kept opening the little packages, and putting into a roll or T-bread, and about the fifth one, it looked like there was ants or black crap in the pack.

I looked closer and it seemed like there was mold on the cheese.

This cheese is sold, and left on the shelves, not in the cooler, if there is a cooler, it is normally sold this way. I worry all the time about it, and now I am weak feeling. I know myself, I will have trouble eating for the next few days, until I find a proper feeling store. There are too many places, and none so far feel safe, the products on the shelves could have been there for way too long.

I thought I had Malaria last time in Africa, however, the more I think, study and dwell on it, I think I had food poisoning. I am looking at the cans of food, checking the expiration dates, and trying to choose a grocery or store that has a lot of business. It is still complicated as they every store has something they somewhat specialize in, and I have never seen any specializing in this cheese I like.

I will need to buy food and look at it in the daylight, or in the room under good lights. I need to inspect, I did not want to bring the cheese into the room for he exact reason, I trashed the cheese. I did not want ants, or rotten cheese in my room. I tend to not eat in my room very much anymore, I do cook may cans of Vegetable, but anything sweet, or sticky, or with lots of crumbs like bread, I eat outside. I am hungry, and do not know where to go an eat. I guess I eat tomorrow.

Now a big moth flew into the room, now I have to set up the mosquito net, this hotel does not have screens, unusual for West Africa, normal for most of the world. Getting weaker, not stronger with the bad cheese on my mind.

Mosquito nets are hot.

Kpalime Fromage

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