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être au régime

2007-03-16 02:36:00

être au régime
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 16, 2007

Régime in the French language is a word used in combination with the to be verb of être to say, I am on a diet or I am on a regime.

I say things by using words, we all say ideas or gossip by using words, we mix in a few facial expressions, body movements and we communicate a vague thought from ourselves to others.

REGIME defined in English: (2)
4. established system: an established system or way of doing things

I do not have a French dictionary that define the word régime in French words, like I would use an English dictionary to look up words in English and read the definition in English, it would be nice to read the French definition of régime.

I am on a diet regime or a health regime, this is nothing new, I am always on a health regime. I eat food, with the goal of optimizing my body for the best health and functions. I take them vitamins and avoid listening to Vegetarians and Vegans to keep the régime. I study the proper mix of nutrients, calories, vitamins and foods trying to optimize Andy.

I sort of laugh, I do not drink alcohol or smoke, I do not do any drugs etc, except coffee, I do not like to drink tea. The reason I say or think about this is because of how I use also, both the words moderation and health.

When a person is a vegetarian and they smoke, or they eat only pasta and vegetable on Wednesday and rice and vegetables on Thursday and continue to so and so forth and so on and keep this up. The words moderation and health have a congruency problem.

Drinking and Alcohol use is a type of regime, maybe alcohol use is a lack of a regime, and the addiction to smoking is a very harsh regime. Eating the same foods every day is a harsh regime and the monotony of rice on Tuesday and pasta on Wednesday is harsh. There is a need to have a regime of balance and have a vast combination of foods, nutrients and types of exercise.

I think this is why I like the word in French regime, it helps or allow me to think of a whole process of events, a dynamic lifestyle that say, this is not just a temporary thing, it is how I live, I have a regime.

The girl that taught me this word in French or sort of pushed me to understand when a person is on a diet, they are on a regime in French.
- être au régime -

She is funny, she is sort of a hard body, with a walk of person that has been doing too many upper leg exercises. She has pushed the barbells too much and has the glutes maxed. Actually she has no regime of exercise, however the West Africa body is genetically made to have a larger butt than us white people from the USA naturally.

The younger people are genetically very fit looking and as they get older everything gets bigger and bigger, especially for the women. I think the men stay smaller and more average, but the women continue to expand.

Ami has a regime, I am probably spelling her name wrong. She lies down in the back, takes a nap, then she moves to the reception area, puts two chairs together and takes a nap. She reads the bible, than puts her head on the table and takes a nap. Amazing regime.

Ami named after the Mina name of the day of the week is on a regime.

être au régime

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