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Esther Uses Her Head

2007-03-31 05:39:00

Esther Uses Her Head
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is Ester, I probably spelled here name wrong, nonetheless she is smart young girl, I am guessing about 15 years old, bright eyes, bright smile and my consul when needed.

She shows me how they cook bread. A few minutes ago, she called me over to the bread oven, more or less saying,
- Andy, we have hot bread, I know you like it.-

Intuitive she is, words are not needed when the brains are in correct alignment.

I am not sure how to teach, explain clearly how to find friends; I think sometimes people go looking for the worst friends or maybe they found themselves. I am not sure, friendships are natural, easy and develop without work, providing I open the door and allow those who want to be my friend to be my friend and throw out the trash that wants, takes and is a nuisance

I normally know the minute I meet a person, when not to continue, the first judgment is normally the best. If I feel, this person wants something…

Esther, she speaks great French, instructs, teaches, and pushes me to learn about Togo and the place where I lived today. I suppose it strange to people to think a I make friends with this young girls. I do not pre-judge who can be my friend, I do take my feelings into consideration and trust them.

I was walking down the road earlier this morning, I said Bonjour to a girl, and she ignores me, even though I was the only one on the lane. In some places, you expect people to ignore you, they are afraid that if they return the hello, you will never leave. I ignore on a regular basis the taxi drivers here, they are rude. I often say hello, or reply hello, and then proceed to ignore the person, looking them right in the eyes. No remorse, I can see the good from the bad, my instincts work fine.

Why would I worry about a person who ignore me, I see them as afraid of their world, not to special of person.

What is up with Africa, there are two ways to carry, one is on the head, and the other is by wrapping a cloth around the chest and carrying on the lower back. This is how they carry babies.

I keep looking and studying how the world carries items, why do I have a backpack where my shoulders hurt, seems like the whole world has the pressure on the head or chest, and the shoulders are used different. I know my backpack can be made to put pressure on my hips, but that is not what happens, ideally, it does.

I have been trying to catch one special photo, sometimes they will put one egg on their head, nothing is too big, or too small to carry.

On the other hand, I ignore young people in the USA, I am afraid of their perverted parents, they could sue me for being a good guy. This is one of the wonderful things about being outside the USA, I do not have to worry about all the attacks and paranoia. The world in the USA and outside, all the world is safe, and the world tends to find the worst to believe, the world believes a lie before they believe the truth.

Esther Uses Her Head