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ChicaChoo Togo Drink

2007-03-26 01:45:00

ChicaChoo Togo Drink
Maybe ChuckaCho
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

There appears now to be a Sunday and a Tuesday market here in Kpalime, and the normal city market every day, which is not as good, but full of the more tourist trinkets.

I took this photo after a lot of thinking and asking many questions. How to take a photo, were these people getting drunk, were they drunk? The brain under the influence of an alcoholic drink can be the most dangerous animal on the planet.

I have the greatest respect for the danger of drunks, they cannot be intimidated, they cannot be warned, they cannot be stopped, there is only way to deal with a drunk, that is not to deal with them. I need to avoid drunks.

Chica Choo

Something like that, I am in Frenchish country, trying spell out a word they say in the Mina language and I am writing it as I think it in English.

French? How to spell in French?
Thique Thu

This was a hard Ch like the word Chica in Spanish, like a chicken, like a chick a baby chicken. Chicka Choo. The ch was like a train, like a Choo Choo Train.

Oh well, the never ending desire to figure out what I a looking at clearly, simply and unadulterated by my culture or my thinking trying to explain in my way of thinking what another culture thinks in their way of thinking.

Is this drink an alcoholic drink and dangerous for me, Andy the Hobo…? I have an alcoholic brain, I could go crazy?

I asked in about 10 different ways, all the way from trying to say alcohol to doing a pantomime and they answered no.

Is there Alcohol in the drink?

Therefore, the answer was NO, about 10 times.

This is a mental game people play, it is funny game, it is not so funny to me, but to the average person, they like to play a fantasy game. If I wanted to drink alcohol and if I want a juicy rationalization, if I really had a desire to drink, I would believe them.

I think this drink has alcohol in it, maybe just a very minute amount, but there is about 50 people sitting around drinking it, and they do not do this with Pineapple juice.

(Some story about ducks.)

Sugar and about anything, and you have fermentation, the byproduct is alcohol, I am sure I am explaining wrong, but that is not the point.

Some old man, wanted me to give him money to buy the stuff, I said, no, as I would say no to any what could be a person who wants a drink.

Interesting cultural stuff here, how we somehow say to ourselves and convince ourselves of ideas.

- My wife is not fat. -

- These people do not work, because they have no job? -

- It is not an alcoholic drink? -

I was in Colombia and a girl told me to drink the Chicha, I did, and instantly tasted the alcohol the same as I taste the alcohol in mouthwash. I suppose I could gulp down the mouthwash and get drunk, it would give me a hell of a sugar, alcohol buzz, and really do wonder for my stomach. Life is somehow to me about my intentions and the game I play in my head, what I say is ok for me, and what I say is ok for you. I really enjoy life, and the enjoyment is the degrees of tolerance or intolerance of life.

The people of the world are tolerant beyond imagination, they look the other way, and they do about anything to not have conflict. Then there are the bullies of the planet, who provoke, ask for a fight, and sadly, someone has to give them a fight. This is where a good person has to know they are needed, they cannot just look the other way, they have to be intolerant and say no.

I had a lot of fun with the people drinking the ChicaChoo as Diana said it and ChuckaChoo as Mawulee said it, whoever says it, I am not going to drink it…

It is about probabilities, if there is a 1 in 1000 chance this is an alcoholic drink than for me, no games to be played, I do not chance it. However, suppose I did feel safe, I drink it and it turns out be alcohol, then what do I do, I stop and say, oops, some alcohol entered my mouth. For sure, that is not a big deal, I could guzzle down a whole bottle of beer if I was going to die of dehydration and I would maybe, or maybe I would die.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Everyone was having a good time, drinking the ChickaChoo, whatever you call it, they was enjoying life, and doing what people do, being people, good, bad, and a maybe.

Opinions are opinions, and a judgment is a judgment, not very much of a problem unless, it becomes important to enforce the judgment. I am not in the world changing business, I am in the Andy changing business, life is good, today was a good day.

Chivalry lies somewhere in our intentions and what we do or do not do, it so easy to say yes and go along with the group.

ChicaChoo Togo Drink