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Big Brothers Togo

2007-03-18 01:13:00

Big Brothers Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, March 17, 2007

I have a small boy, about 4 years old by the name of Narcisse who has adopted me as his Big Brother or chief person to hug and hold him. This is not so unique in itself, however, the ability of Narcisse to find me is what is amazing.

The other night, the electricity was off, therefore I sat down outside of the hotel on this stand of cement blocks. It as black, dark, I had trouble seeing across the street. As I was sort of sensing my surroundings quiet inside my thoughts. I hear this noise, a plop, a yip, a running boy in the dark. Soon Narcisse arrives and jumps on my lap and proceeds to plant his head into my shoulder. He relaxed, looks at me, then proceeds to fall asleep.

This sense of where I am located and what I am doing is powerful, like he knows me so well he is thinking the same as me. He is not able to understand my French, or at least he never replies to my constant line of questions in the French language.

I would guess he has now fell asleep while on my lap five times, and has everyday two to three times climbs aboard. This is interesting to my other friends, and the mother is of no help, she I assume encourages the boy to find me, interesting way of claiming friendship. I sometimes know that being there is much more important than me talking, I know in person people become overwhelmed with my never-ending continuous curiosity and questions.

Narcisse does not talk with me in word, or a spoken language, however for sure we have long conversations.

I could call this Momo Magic…. Hehehe but that is the name of the great Laundry soap that smells so good.

Big Brothers Togo

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