Almost Ok

2007-03-14 23:40:00

Almost Ok
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There are small quality control problems in West Africa, Lome, Togo presently does not have electricity, it is almost ok sometimes. I was in a small panic today as I was preparing to travel up country Togo.

I pulled some more money from the ATM as I am not sure when I will see another Bank Machine. I have purchased this and that, then later in the day the GPRS stops working. I cannot connect to the internet everything was - Almost OK - as my new friend from Ghana was explaining, never great, but almost ok.

I am thinking is it me or is it the computer, or the cell phone, I am never sure. I thought, I have not changed anything, however I know that when I leave Lome the next person I find to help with configurations will probably on be when I return.

It is working again, I went in an copied all the configurations and double checked. You think calling support is difficult, try to think about doing it in French. My French is not almost ok on a telephone. I try to tell girls, do not give me you telephone, I do not speak French.

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