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Adjidogomé Togo

2007-03-18 22:53:00

Adjidogomé Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 18, 2007

Adjidogome with an apostrophe on the e.
Sur la route de Kpalime

I will leave tomorrow morning by the Peugeot Station wagon method of travel I assume, a collective taxi of sorts and travel to Kpalime, Togo. I am debating about the letter e with the apostrophe on it, it just causes too many problems in web pages and emails to place the accent and spell the word Kpalime correctly.
I will need to test and se how the é shows ups and works, not fun go see a lot of gibberish in pages.

Map of the countries on both sides of Togo, in West Africa.

Yesterday, I spoke with Christine, also called the Footballer, because she like to play Footballer or Soccer. She walks around in semi-of fitted soccer clothes normally and looks to be the Footballer. Ok, she was leaving Lome, and Rene says she was not from then said something that sounded like Gohmay to me or Gomé maybe in French. With a push and shove, I got her to write the city down and she wrote.

Adjidogomé sur la route de Kpalimé

It is best I can tell, on the road or route, on the path to Kpalime, it I maybe 50 mile north of Lome, and somewhere around 500 CFA to travel there by public transportation. I will do my best to find this place. I now leave in about four hours for the place. I expect to take a taxi or moto to the road that leaves for Kpalimé.

I do NOT micromanages the taxi, I do not ask for the Gare or the Stations or anything. I will say,
- Kpalimé -
Or I will write it down and show the Moto or Taxi in Lome, I want to take the highest and best form of transportation to Adjidogomé, not Kpalime, yet is I make an error, I wish to end up in Kpalime.

There is a transportation error made by travelers, they try to tell everyone what to do. The world pretty much can figure out how to take your body to another city. That does not mean, if there is three choice, say Train, Bus, Car, Taxi, Airplane or many choices, they will take you the best, they will take you to what is easy, and big money in that event.

However, Togo, West Africa does not have many choices for public transportation and I have a very small downside in the event of error. I have six hours to find a new hotel that is north of Lome, Togo.

This is my path basically, make me nervous it does not follow along side a river, a village settled would I believe normally settle next to a river, however the water table is easy to find more of the time in West Africa and not a deep hole to dig.

Ok, I will try to go to the village of:
Adjidogomé sur la route de Kpalimé

Christine the Footballer says there is a Hotel there, so I am good to go, and life is ok. IF this does not work, I will get on another bush taxi, or cattle car and move on down the road to Kpalime.

Adjidogomé Togo

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