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Worst - Best

2007-02-15 23:29:00

Worst - Best
Delhi, India Asia
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What the Worst or Best of Travel?

I would say that the Paha Gang area of Delhi is the second most, or second dirtiest area of tourism on the planet so far in my opinion. While Varanasi, India is the dirtiest on the planet so far in my places I have visited.

The site is a collection of approximately 150 of the top topics or subjects that apply to a traveler, and in this situation tourist.

How this site evolved is I wanted to make navigation for a site. A person does not know the navigation for huge sites when they start, they must evolve, change and adapt. I think they call this site architecture, however in reality the terms or jargon are not important unless I want to study.

I started making a list of subject of importance to travelers, in a way I am trying to reverse list topics for my Top Traveler Sites of 2006 or Top Travel Sites in general.

Generally the Top Travel Sites in a way should be in my opinion the Top 10 needed subjects. Top ten to me first is about needs and safety, however as I read or study this topic or search for idea, I find that most travel writers want to make the Ten Most Popular, this is to me a huge difference.

Worst - Best
In my list of 150 most needed subject or in the index page of is one of those topic I added later, yet has gone nowhere. This topic is the Worst - Best.


I have done little work on this subject, I do think about it, however a very difficult subject, however, probably the most desired topic of Tourist. A person will sit in their home or office and dream of places to go, of the best beach, the biggest party, the most hedonistic place on the planet. The most interesting architecture or the most or best spiritual places on the planet.

Many would say that India is the best spiritual place on the planet, this then starts the problem. It is an opinion, then an opinion is a comparison. How can on person decide which country is most spiritual? How do they go to 252-309 countries on the planet, then make the decision.

There was a sign in Pokjara referencing the New York Times 1000 places to visit before you die, and they seem to be saying something about a Fish Tail Lodge. I keep looking towards the place, and thinking about walking to the Hotel, however it seem like one of the worst locations and designs for a hotel on the lake. While the View Point Lodge, a sort of grubby looking place on the other end seem to have a great location. These are all opinions and truthfully the Fish Tail or whatever the name is could be the best Hotel in Pokjara for you, while at the same time it can be the worst for me.

I am thinking of descriptors or adjectives or hmm, are these adverbs. The definitions below. (2) I find or think I am of adjectives when I say the Worst or most, however maybe descriptors or identifiers when I am talking about navigation of a website.

modifier of verb or adjective: a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, another adverb, or a sentence, for example, “happily,” “very,” or “frankly”

word qualifying noun: a word that qualifies or describes a noun or pronoun

computing describing thing: something, for example, a word or phrase, used as a key to categorize records in a database so that all records containing the key can be retrieved together

something that identifies data: a symbol that identifies, indicates, or names a body of data

When people complain about the navigation of my website they are expressing a belief about how I have designed the architecture or chosen descriptors and identifiers. I know I have fortunately chosen the best, because I am capable of adapting, evolving and modifying the site into a larger site. It think the term is scalability.

2. variable: used to describe computer graphics fonts generated by an algorithm that permits the size to vary proportionately over a wide range
3. expandable: used to describe a computer, component, or network that can be expanded to meet future needs.

The Scalability of was designed perfect, what is horrible is the lack of alternative methods of navigation. Nope, I am wrong, the problem is clarity within the bounds of size. The size of the site and the multiple sections of interest, causes a convolution of mindsets.
We are making a site of all the Hotels and Accommodations on the planted called

There is about 8 Million cities in a very approximate way, and I am wildly guessing however about 20-70 Million Hotels, Guesthouse or types of lodging on the planet.

The navigation for this site is easier to decide on than because generally people think of in the same terms or ideas.

Funding and ideas is the problem, there is needed enough money to pay for the collecting and categorizing of ideas to make a good site. However, there also somehow needs to be some insight or empathy into what the visitors are looking for in a site. It would be hoped, and desired that I can empathize with other travelers to make travel sites. I often am fully aware of what people want to hear or think about in a travel site and ignore them as boorish people, readers or visitors hoping they will go away.

I am fully aware that a soap opera can make a lot of money, yet I am not going to produce a soap opera in this life. There are subjects I am interested in and others I am not passionate about.

Talking about how dirty the Paha Ganj area of Delhi is good fun, to live here is not. I truly believe people that love India are somehow getting in touch with their misbehaving child. They are getting to break all the rules of civilized people in one country, they can deny their religion, they can urinate or defecate in the streets, they can go for weeks without showering and they would be normal. They can talk religion in the most confused and in my view stupid manners and call it a spiritual awaking and probably is they just is anger.

Worst - Best

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