Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

2007-02-15 03:31:00

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

I received an email from somebody in Ghana, it was interesting and as normal when they are being angry, anonymous... hehehe

Good morning,
I'm quite amazed at your response! what nationality are you?
And aside from your nationality, what would be your purpose of
visiting Ghana?
With your attitude, you need to stay in your own country, definitely
if you cannot follow or adhere to our backward and thieving offices,
laws etc......
Do you know the requirements Ghanaians need to leave this country and
go abroad, i mean the flipping British high commission wants us to
apply for visa's six months in advance, Americans allow people to cue
for hours like slaves, and in one or two instances people have
actually died in that line, waiting to go in for a visa and go to
useless foreign lands! And you want a visa in two days! Pratt's the
most appropriate word i can come up with, like wise are the Ghanaians
who give stupid foreign embassies and high commissions the right to
treat them like cattle! And your entire attitude about the way we are,
not everyone's a thief you know? And quite frankly if that's the way
you feel, i suggest you stay away!
Realistic requirements, come checkout what your flipping country
requires of Ghanaians before you sit and judge!
Why shouldn't you state your reason for visiting, or why do you think
you should be exempt from these requirements! These are worldwide
immigration requirements, who are you to say otherwise! Don't judge
someone else's till you know what yours is up to! and what are you in
such a hurry to come and do here anyway. . . this is how we usually
end up with drug dealers, pedophiles, etc because no one actually
checked they had the right ties here or documentation! Please do not
even head to Togo, all their head offices are in Ghana. . . . go home
you flipping HOBO!

The bloody cheek of it. . . . . laws and rules apply world wide, abide
or keep striding to your own dXXX land!
Thank you!
An angry Ghanaian national!


To quote myself:
When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

I never got near a Ghana person, and it is really annoying to go to a USA Embassy and never find an American.

India culture is a pain in the butt and full of mazes or problem. I applied for a Ghana Visa with Ghana people while in Abidjan and it was easy, fast and wonderful. However, the one in India was too much.

This is the issue.
If they had the Visa on arrival like Thailand, then more money would come into Ghana, and the world would not think so primitive. I have been there, it is nice.

The corruption in Africa is the problem and the reason for the long lines to go to the USA, UK and Australia.

I was frustrated, I wanted a path between Bangkok to Mumbai to Ghana to exist, and India is stopping this path for BACKPACKERS. Now, I will need to go Bangkok, Dubai, Ghana, IF there is a Ghana Embassy in Dubai.

Ivory Coast is easy for the USA, but for all others a pain, but the Visa Entente is sort of ok. I will FLY INTO TOGO and skip Ghana. Ghana is nice compared to Nigeria... hehehe

You as a GHANA person should be angry with your government, it is the reason nobody can get a Visa to the USA or UK, or anywhere, then the people are also corrupt to boot.

I am trying to find an easy path to enter Africa. The Africans have made entry into Africa so difficult, every traveler goes either to Asia or South America, Central American anywhere but Africa. I do not blame them, Africa makes life difficult, the cost of Airlines is crazy, the Visa Applications are difficult

Tell me the truth, is there a big danger from modern countries...NO.. this is ridiculous, there is a problem with Ghana people being let out of the country. They never go home. However, Americans, UK, etc, do not go to Ghana and live illegally, they want to leave.

So, learn, if you want the money to come in, you have to make it easy for the money to come in...

Whether I go to a country or do not go to a country is not a big deal, I go to countries that makes life easy. I travel for fun, you are angry because you want to escape, this is not the same.

Funny angry because we loaded them up to go the USA as slave, now they are angry because we will not load them up and take them again.

Why do I want a visa in Delhi, so people can enter Africa easily, this door is too tough and closed. I am not looking at Togo and Ivory Coast as better entries to Africa.

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

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