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USA Dialup Connection

2007-02-15 23:59:00

USA Dialup Connection
Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am in the United States of America and trying to connect to the internet. It is annoying as I realize how helpless I am here in the USA. There is no internet café whereby I can bypass all the other problems. I could drive 150 miles to Chicago and find an internet café, or 50 miles to a library to find a connection or sit on a telephone line for hours trying to connect.

There is a I cannot be bothered time limit to get an internet connection, I am often amazed at the amount of time a person will indulge in what they consider is a high-speed connection, yet they had to go to drive, travel, pay a fortune to get this high speed connection. I am just looking for a simple connection, oh well, I will be back in India in 7 days and there are many internet cafes.

USA Dialup Connection

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