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Too Much Where I do Not Want to Be

2007-02-15 23:34:00

Too Much Where I do Not Want to Be
Delhi, India Asia
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A man must know his limitations, as my friend Jeff says and probably Clint Eastwood.

Travel is not the problem for me, the problem is not that I need to go home, the problem is I have spent too much time in places where I do not want to be. I need to go to a place that is good for me.

I think maybe a person becomes surrounded by either things or ideas, or worst yet they allow themselves to become surrounded in a cocoon. I suppose the womb of a mother is holding a baby in a perfect world, then the baby leaves and slowly the world either creates a cocoon, maybe a womb is correct, however, there is a world that is either good feeling or a slow insidious bad feeling.

I like the ideas of continuums where, hmm, the adjectives go from a negative to a positive, there is a line of sight. The line of sight out of a negative feeling is not easy, however I have learned the hard way a person needs to find their happy spot. Who was it, Wendy in the Movie Peter Pan who was telling Peter played by Robin Williams to find his - Happy Thought - and then he could return to Never Never land… I guess it was Tinkerbell.

PETER PAN - From my Encarta Encyclopedia:

- Peter Pan (motion picture) … tells the story of Peter Pan, an otherworldly boy who befriends Wendy Darling and her younger brothers John and Michael after Wendy helps him retain control of his rogue shadow. Pan uses fairy dust from Tinkerbell, his tiny companion and romantic hopeful, to enable the Darling children to fly with him far away to Never-Never Land. There they meet and do battle with exciting villains, such as a group of pirates led by Captain Hook … -

My guess is what a traveler travels until they know why they travel, or we are searching for - Never Never Land - or - Oz.

I suppose - Otherwordly Boy. -

Too Much Where I do Not Want to Be

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