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The Reality of Travel

2007-02-02 09:48:00

The Reality of Travel
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 2, 2007

I keep hitting a wall, it the wall of lack of empathy. I do not know what to do, sometimes I want to scream.

I really appreciate the USA, life is just so fricken easy, pick up the phone, call up Radio Shack and ask a question. Call up Best Buys, ask a question, let you fingers do the walking, everything is cheap, the competition to sell products to the USA is so high, you can buy about anything quick. I wish there was a Walmart here.

I have 80 Liters of space in my backpack, or I can carry about 40 Kilos or 90 pounds with me all the time, after that there is no room in my home.

People spend months preparing to go on a trip, buy every toy they do not need, and what they need, they just cannot believe. What will becomes a priority on a year trip is different than what the boys in the gear shop say. I like coffee in the morning, one of my first priorities was to figure out how to make coffee in my room.

There are things I need, things I do not need, and for sure anything a person mentions about the USA is normally not here. Then there is the fantasy of what they believe is here, I get many recommendations on what to buy here, I suppose I could find if I wanted to spend two weeks looking.

Every item I put in my backpack, I choose for a reason, or I have to throw it away. I purchased a water bottle today, it does not do what I want it to do, so I throw it away, or more likely just leave in the room for the cleaning people. Something like them Camel pack just makes me laugh...

I do not need a water bottle, I need a new cup to cook my corn in, as I burned up the one I was using. When I want to carry water, I buy a bottle of purified water, these bottles do not leak, they stay sealed better than the ones you buy.

I am trying to do so many things to get ready for Africa, and is just amazing the walls of lack of empathy I hit, everyone really thinks everyone on the planet really lives in the USA, sits around planning and can just stay around until they get all the gear they need, then leave.

If I cannot buy it anywhere in the world, I normally do not buy it. Anything that is available easy in the USA, is not available here. But, if you want to buy a pigs head, I know where I can go.

The Reality of Travel