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The Problem with USA

2007-02-20 05:16:00

The Problem with USA
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The USA is annoying, 24/7 complaining about a perfect life.

The whole planet fights, gets angry and frustrated, the USA is the has, and they are the have nots.

Some Amish guy asked me what they do in other countries, I said,

Same as the USA.
Complain about no money.
Talk about problems with politicians.
Go pray to some God, and hope he, she or it fixes the problems.

Then they go and buy something and talk about how life is terrible.

But they do where different clothes, eat different foods, and talk different languages. This is what is fun.

I am in a plush world, and everyone is telling me their problems.

I have realized normally a person will only complain about things they can change, it is as if there is the annoying hope, the ever present hope for change.

Why do they always hope for more, they annoy me, I am tired of wanting more and more. I want less and less, I am wanting leave so I am not overwhelmed with having everything.

A complainer has hope.
A person with no hope stops complaining, and accepts.

The USA has anything and everything, I tried to buy knockoff Reeboks made in Indonesia when I was there. I could not find my style, or the style I wanted. Why do I need to return to the USA to buy what is made in Indonesia?

Only in the USA…

Only in the USA can I be what I want to be, a Hobo and travel around the planet… hehehe

Does not make sense, but it makes sense, thanks to the overabundance in the USA and the never give up Americanism, I have created my niche in life.

Now, I can go out and annoy the rest of the planet, complain about everything and always have hope.

The Problem with USA

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