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Sound Pollution

2007-02-26 02:45:00

Sound Pollution
Lome Togo West Africa
Sunday, February 25, 2007

Measuring the sound to know how much of my brain resources are being used by the background noise levels.

Lome is not a noisy place for the most part, yet I have a new Sound Meter I purchased at Radio Shack and now I am playing.

I was reading in the Encarta Encyclopedia and trying to read the instructions that came with the meter.

Sound Intensity or about Noise Pollution:
- Sound intensity is measured in units called decibels. The decibel scale is logarithmic and climbs steeply: An increase of about three decibels is a doubling of sound volume. In the wilderness, a typical sound level would be 35 decibels. Speech runs 65 to 70 decibels; heavy traffic generates 90 decibels. By 140 decibels, sound becomes painful to the human ear, but ill effects, including hearing loss, set in at much lower levels.

I am hoping to set some standards, then measure the noise level in my Hotel rooms. I was surprised or not surprised in Delhi when I measure about 80 Decibel while laying in my bed.

I will work out a common way to measuring sound, as example it could or maybe be in a few areas:

1. 12 Noon
2. Lying in my bed
1. 12 Noon
2. Entrance to my Hotel

1. 12 Noon
2. Center of Backpacker Universe for city.

I may or may not be a sensitive person, however, for sure I am curious, I am slowly understanding a type of stress that is ever present, yet I cannot just define and name.

This is background noise levels or maybe the term is Ambient.

in surrounding area: in the immediately surrounding area. (2)

Yes, but this is not so easy to define, there is some type of base level or average amount of noise in any location on the planet. I know that even though I may be able to sleep, talk, and function well, there is often enough sounds at different levels or my ability to perceive or hear the sounds.

I suppose there is something about what I am conscious of and what I am not conscious of, in Katmandu, the beeping horns of motorcycles demanded my conscious level to respond.

I think I am more worried about the sub-conscious of background noise I have in my hotels that is still very loud.

There is a cluttering of the brain, a using of resource of my brain that is annoying.

My room is presently about average 62 decibels and in Delhi it was closer to 72. Maybe, I can develop a strategy of choosing rooms that helps me to choose the optimal room for peace and quiet, or control of the noise that enters my brain.

Concrete wall echo and do not absorb well the sounds, etc.

Sound Pollution

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