2007-02-09 17:52:00

Katmandu, Nepal Asia
February 10, 2007

I will fly from Katmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India tomorrow. I cannot believe how annoyed I have become with Katmandu or Nepal in general.

I try to figure out why I am annoyed so often, I think it is because I am now wearing the same sweatshirt about 20 days in a row, it stinks. I cannot have it washed easy.

I am maybe a clean freak, compared to the other travelers, I know I shower and wash my clothes better and more often. However, in their defense, they are only on a trip for 1-3 months normally and they say to themselves.

- Not a big deal -

Then they do not wash their clothes or accept or some reasons are happy with what are sloppy or bad standards. I personally demand that poor countries give me a good value and do a great job. I think it is the only way they learn how to compete with the richer countries. Learn what is required of quality to sell products to the world.

Normally, the longer I am in a country, I find a good laundry, a good internet café, a good grocery, all the conveniences that make my Travelers Nest a happy home.

About 30 days in country of Nepal, and I am still not able to have my clothes washed at the correct price, honestly and properly. I have walked around in Thamel and tried to find a good place. The biggest problem is they are all just cheats, I know how much my clothes weight and they do not weigh 8 kilos, they weigh 3.

I doubt most travelers have washed their clothes so many times, they are almost positive of the weight before they take them to a laundry. It is cold here, or I would be doing my laundry in my room by hand.

I think the problem in Nepal is there is always one critically needed piece missing from all puzzles. If I do something, there is always one part of the trip, the idea, the need that is missing. Nothing is as good as required, this is highly unusual. I can normally find one hotel, one internet café, or one laundry that is exceptional.

I have not found exceptional persons or services in Nepal.

However, I am Pro in a way, I have purchased so many things in other countries, I and on such a regular basis, I can slice and dice my needs.

I am in a friendly hotel, I would love to recommend it, and however there are landmines all over the hotel. The one I hit today is the toilet, as normal in India and Nepal, they I think the India and Nepal people use their hand.

Southeast Asia has this water to clean system and it works. India and Nepal have this water to clean system and it does not work. I ran out of toilet paper, decided to use the water to clean method. They have the bucket, the dipper, but I have to turn on the shower nozzle to fill up the bucket. It is amazing to me, the standard systems of how to make a toilet here is not provided. I should say, the critical needs are not provide, the minimal, the absolute smallest request is always missing a critical part of the puzzle.

I do not expect to come back to Nepal for a few years, or more, I am going to skip for as long as possible. So many places are more interesting on the planet. I was doing a deal for a hotel here, and I realized, and maybe things are for a reason. I would be a hostage or prisoner in my own hotel; I would not want to leave.

The electricity just went off, SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F--cked UP.
On batteries again, as normal.


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