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February 10, 2007

Talk to people in other countries, almost free, just the cost of the internet. I can call from anywhere to the USA for two cents US per minute.

This is one of my choices for Top Travel Sites of 2006, a year in review for sites in the English Language. A list of needed sites for travelers, not generally for tourist, however surely encompasses their needs.

Tourist because of only going on two to four week vacations normally do not have needs, more wants. The return ticket guarantees they are programmed and hard coded in their thinking.
Not a new idea, however finally one that works, seems to earn money and I hope stays in business. Now, they have competition from companies like, and the prices shall drop.

Talking to people from internet connection to internet connection is not a new idea.

Calling a person from the internet is not a new idea, there has been many. I sent what I labeled a Hot Tip.

ISSUE: 012b
DATE: July 17, 2000
TITLE: Andy's Travel Tips HOT TIP

There were two sites where I could call the USA and a landline free. USA Europe, and USA

I clicked on and it looks like purchased the site:

It also appears that is cheaper than

Why I like is because of a few reason, however the big reason is because they have made the words,
- - well know, the internet cafes, the managers know these words.

They can point at a machine that has the program downloaded, and IF I am lucky it works. requires many configurations, and everything needs to work perfect. There is no guarantee.

I would guess in ANY internet café, it would work about 10 percent of the time or less when the internet café are NOT offering

For the internet cafés that are offering Skype, I would say you have about a 50 - 50 chance, and better if you call in the early morning, not at 7:00 at night when every other person in the country is on the internet.

There are many problems, however this is a great service, and I can call the USA for 2 cents per minute.

I could talk all day about how to use I will write a tip about this in my newsletter eventually. I am leaning towards the idea of just the warnings.

Log off, or another person can call and you pay! has a good system, I am sure it would work, however the is the trendy and regularly known system. On the internet the bigger the better is my method of choosing sites. I like big sites, that stay in business, function and I can somewhat depend on.

I remember, stopped the free calls.

I hope that the computer-to-computer for free call or internet to internet will remain free. I hope, however the propensity for companies to offer dreams on the internet, then take them back is almost a standard. I almost never believe in free anymore.

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