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Sheep on Nepal Bus

2007-02-03 16:34:00

Sheep on Nepal Bus
Pokhara Nepal Asia
January 4, 2007

I am thinking, I have seen many things on top of buses, humans are normal, I am not sure about sheep. Coming from Kathmandu, to Pokhara, a long 8 hour trip to go 85 miles.

The men at the bus stop in Kahtmandu, tried to extort a baggage fee out of me for heavy bags. Always another scam to deal with, this is a baggge scam. The bag they put up was very light, Normal type of behavior in Kat, but what can you do. I ask him if he was a girl.

I wonder if they had to pay extra to get the sheep on top, the Nepali people in Kathmandu are over the top on trying to grab money, any chance they get, they try to take. Nice to be in Pokjara, less people trying to sell smoke, hash, or any other annoyance.

Sheep on Nepal Bus